92-97 Ford Front Shackle Reversal Instructions Posted on 07 Aug 03:36

The 92-97 Ford Front Shackle Reversal Installation Instructions are as follows:


Disconnect drag link from Pitman arm.


Remove bolts from existing shackle.


Lower front end, and install front hanger with the 5/8" bolt, and use the spacer between frame rails. Just snug the bolt up, don't tighten as this time. We will tighten everything later.


This is the spacer between frame rails.


Measure back from the hanger, center of bolt.


Measure over 52" and clamp, center punch, and drill holes using a 1/2" drill bit.


Double check your 52" measurement, and tighten all bolts.


Remove Pitman arm and install new arm.


Remove bolt on rear hanger.


Use a little grease on the bushings.


Install shackle on the rear hanger with supplied hardware.


Remove track bar bracket.


Install new drop down bracket for track bar.


Brake lines need to be extended.


Buying new brake lines is recommended. We offer them on our site. CLICK HERE to check them out. Otherwise you can just move the bracket down.


Install new shocks.


Lower truck and tighten all bolts.



This is a '97 Ford with our 5" Front Shackle Reversal Kit.