14 Bolt Full Width Axle Truss

Sky's Off Road Design's Corporate 14 Bolt wide axle truss is designed for great fit, great strength, and ease of mounting link brackets! Covers flange to flange wide.

Laser cut and CNC formed from 1/4 inch steel plate. Cut to fit the contour of the housing for minimal fitting for even TIG welding! It has been designed to correctly fit the contour of the housing and weld to both the axle tubes and the 3rd member itself. Welding the diff housing to the tubes will keep the fillet welds on the tubes from tearing out of the housing. This happens when you link an axle and solidify the tubes from moving, but not the housing, as so many designs don't account for. Some companies claim welding to the diff casting weakens it; apparently they forgot the axle tubes are welded to the cast housing!

3.5 inch wide link mounting tab, top mount rail. Length of mount side to side is 13.25 inches. Main truss comes welded. Requires welding to your housing and axle tubes. Designed for a non ribbed 14 bolt, if using a ribbed housing, grind housing to fit.

Truss is slightly offset from the differential to center the truss between the wheels.

Simple. Strong. Effective!
13.25" Top Mounting Rail, 50" overall width.
Made in the USA with USA Steel!




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