Knuckle Taper Sleeve for GM Tie Rod Ends

What it is: A steel Cnc machined weld in knuckle sleeve for converting to very common 1 Ton GM tie rod ends. This taper is a match for 72-87 GM 1 Ton ends.

Size: .750" Major   .650" Minor    .875" OD
What is does: When inserted into knuckle with odd uncommon tie rod or drag link tapers, converts to GM tie rod ends available every where.

What you need: A set of knuckles, Ford Dana 60 from 1980-97 are a common mod. GM tie rod ends, such as our TK234R and L and a set of inserts. Common mod on Jeep TJ Dana 30's, Jeep JK and Classic Bronco. Simply drill/bore knuckle to fit inserts, push in and weld inserts in place, conversion done. Requires drilling knuckles to .875

    Sky's has been using these for all kinds of projects for years, the GM ends we have been using work great and are most common in the aftermarket. We generally tig weld them in place if possible, though they can fit by simply matching knuckle thickness and sandwiching them with the castle nut.

Made in the USA by Sky Manufacturing from 1020 DOM Steel bar.