99-04 Superduty Front U-Bolt Flip Kit

$ 109.00

Part Number: FORD-SD60UBF-001-NOSHOCK
What it is:
    Sky's simple and effective U bolt and plate kit for 99-04 Ford Dana 60/50 front axle. Whether you're swapping the axle under something else, or just trying installing it under your F-250 F-350 platform, this will help!

    This kit eliminates the factory small u bolt plate/shock mount and replaces it with a formed laser cut 3/8ths plate and swaps the u bolts to the upward position.

    This will require notching of differential housing lower web and cast tube housing to hold the u-bolt. You will also need to modify the factory panhard bar mount if retaining the stock bar. It has been modified to work with U bolt reversal. You lose the factory trac bar axle mount when you do the U-bolt flip kit. A new mount needs to be fabbed or some people have simply ground out the plate to except the round upper facing u bolts.

    Fully made in the USA.