Chevy LS/LQ Family Head Engine Mounts

$ 39.00

Part Number: sky-lshm-001

Running a larger amount of horsepower or want a more solid mounted engine to your tube chassis?  We have the solution right here with our LS/LQ head engine mounts!

Before being put into production, these mounts went through our 3d printer multiple times until a good matched bolt pattern and design was achieved.

Laser cut from 1/4" A36 Steel, Tig welded, and 1.5" Tubing w/ poly bushings.

Depending on deck height some minor grinding may be required to clearance the bottom of the plate  from hitting the block.

Don't know if your bolt pattern is the same? We have a printable 1:1 scaled drawing for both passenger and driver side head to match bolt holes.  Any further problems with getting the image to print to size we can easily email a PDF upon request!

Does not include the bolts from the bracket to engine

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