88-97 Chevy/GMC 2.5 in Lift Solid Axle Swap (SAS) Hanger Kit

$ 409.00

Part Number: CHEVY-SAS25-001
Oct 20 2011, Sky Manufacturing releases our 2.5 inch lift Chevy/GMC Solid Axle Conversion leaf hanger kit.

Kit will fit Chevy Dana 44 or Dana 60 axles, with a 31.5 spring center pin measurement, 78-79 Ford Dana 44 or Dana 60 with a 31.5 spring center pin.
Corp 10 bolt will also work, steering knuckles will need to be replaced with Reid racing 4 stud knuckles to install needed crossover conversion.

This kit DOES NOT fit Ford 36.5 spring perch width axles, 80-97 years!

None of our kits will work with the 99-04 Ford Super Duty axle. The reason is, that these axles are 37.5 spring pin width axles. The frame on all Chevy trucks is too narrow inside to hang the shackle hanger, and shackle, and get enough off set safely to match the leaf springs. Using a Chevy 2.5 wide plus bushings, 3.625 over all width, you would need a frame rail ID of 44.75. With off set shackles and hangers we can get a 39.5 frame to 41.5. This is changing, we are currently in process of a Super Duty axle to Chevy SAS kit!
Kit is now available! See our Chevy Super duty Axle sas conversion.

Kit is only available currently for 39.5 wide frames, 88-97 Chevy/Gmc all models 2 and 4 wd.  

Kit with stock springs will provide 2.5-3 inch lift depending on motor combo and springs used. We highly recommend at least a 4 inch lift for oil pan, drive line, and exhaust clearance. Exhaust modifications may be needed.

Front hanger allows for up to a 4 inch diameter spring with same size bushings. Rear shackles will accept a 2.5 diameter spring with a 2 inch diameter bushing

Kit is based on 73-87 Chevy front 47 inch leaf springs with a 3 3/4 wide over all width. Some aftermarket springs are narrower and will require a spacer of some variety to make fit correctly. If you are interested in using the 52 inch Chevy rear springs, you will simply lengthen the hangers front to rear to fit them. These springs will require a 3/8ths shim per side to fit correctly in our hangers as they are only 3" wide.

Kit includes front solid axle leaf hanger, rear shackles, rear shackle hangers, bushings for shackles, hardware to bolt springs to hangers, and shackles to shackle hangers.

Kit is a weld on kit, though some customers have drilled the hangers and made them bolt on. This is not recommended by Sky Manufacturing.

Steering Kit Options: See add-ons tab above!