88-97 Ford F-350 4x4 Adjustable Panhard Bar with Heim Joints

$ 149.00

Part Number: FORD-APB-001H
Sky's Off Road 88-'97 Ford F350 4x4 Adjustable Panhard Bar with Heims; also know as a Track Bar with Heims.

Great kit to combine with the Sky Manufacturing Ford Front Shackle Reversal for final alignment of the axle.

To check alignment a pair of plumb bobs on a string across the hood will tell you exactly how far off you are. Factory Fords we have seen up to a 3/4 inch.

Heavy wall 1.125 x .250 wall D.O.M tube, Moog Polyurethane bushings, comes as raw steel.

3/4 RH and LH threads, not welded bungs, this decreases chances of welds failing.

Machined wrench flat to help adjust the bar.

Threaded ends will adjust out to 1 1/2". Combined with our pan hard drop brackets you can correct for up to a 6" lift.

This bar is also considered a Ford Heavy Duty Track Bar.