99-04 Ford SuperDuty 4x4 2" Hanger Kit

$ 299.00

Part Number: FORD-FLK-002
Sky Manufacturing is now building 99-04 Ford f-350, F-250, and Excursion 4x4 leveling kits. Kits are of a perch drop hanger design, which maintains a factory ride, over the harsh add-a-leafs commonly used by many shops for their very low cost and high profit margins.

Sky's hanger/ leveling kits are designed to give 2 inch's of front vehicle lift without changing spring rate. 2 inch lift does not require the use of new pit man arm, brake lines or shocks. We do however recommend new shocks to add to the ride comfort and new stance.

 Kit installs in less than 2 hours with basic hand tools, though an auto hoist will greatly reduce the install time. Kit reuses factory hardware. No drive line modifications are needed. Sway bar is perfectly fine with no extension. Tire size on the F-250/F-350 is a 35 inch or 315 metric, while the Excursion is a 33 inch or 285 metric due to its slightly lower factory stance.

The best way we have found to determine which kit is correct for your vehicle is to take a before and after measurement using a jack to lift front of vehicle level.

Kit is constructed from 3/8ths and 1/4 inch laser cut cnc formed steel, mig welded, and gloss black powder coated. Fully USA made and assembled!

A new addition to the kit is the option of a hanger brace kit, which fits 2", 3" and 4.5" kits. Brace picture shown below not to actual length! Simple bolt on brace can be added anytime if desired. Purpose of the brace is to help eliminate possible frame stretch over many 1000's of miles. Basically peace of mind!Brace is constructed of 1.250 wall tube with 1/2 inch hiem joints and 1/4" bolt in brackets that fit over the leaf spring bolt.

Note: Factory crash bar is not reused with these hanger kits.

Installation: Front hangers will directly replace factory hangers, removal of bumper is recommended. Support vehicle correctly, remove springs from hangers and shackle. Remove factory hardware and front leaf spring hangers. Install new hangers reusing factory hardware. Rear shackles, simply remove the shackles, reusing factory hardware as possible. install new longer shackles, reinstall leaf springs to factory specs, check all hardware, check every 500 miles.

The pan hard bar option.

The pan hard bar is what keeps the axle side to side located under the truck. It follows the drag link for the steering. It is located on a bracket between the shock mount and steering box on the driver side of the vehicle and runs across to the passenger side mount on the axle housing below the leaf spring.

I would recommend the adjustable pan hard bar when adding a leveling kit to the truck.