99-04 Ford SuperDuty 4x4 4.5" Complete Hanger Kit

What it is:

Sky Manufacturing has combined our Front 4.5 inch lift Ford Super Duty Leaf Drop Hanger kit with all the needed parts to complete the Front suspension kit

What it does:

-Allows you to combine your front lift springs with our hanger to add 4.5" lift over the springs

-Use stock front springs and add 4.5" of lift
-Fully bolt on and allows fitment of 37" tires with minor trimming

Whats Recommended to complete this kit:

- Rear shackle flip kit 99-04 superduty 4.5"

Whats included in this kit:

1 - Front 4.5" Hanger kit

1 - Drop Pitman Arm

1 - PanHard Drop Bracket

1 - Adjustable PanHard Bar

2 - Bilstien Gas shocks



Please e-mail us if you have an early 99 truck in order to receive the correct pitman arm.

This kit will ride better than stock using your stock springs and Bilstien shocks.

Kit uses a shackle drop as well as a longer shackle on the rear of the leaf spring to help relieve stress on the frame. A very long shackle will over time fatigue the frame and cause a popping noise under the floor board where the frame is sectioned together. We believe a 2 part design is the best solution.

Hangers and panhard bracket, are laser cut, CNC formed, 1/4 and 3/16ths inch steel plate, welded in machined fixtures for a perfect fit.

Simple install takes aprx 3 hours with proper tools and decent mechanical skills.

Installation: Front hangers will directly replace factory hangers, removal of bumper is recommended. Support vehicle correctly, remove springs from hangers and shackle. Remove factory hardware and front leaf spring hangers. Install new hangers reusing factory hardware. Rear shackles are used in conjunction with placing the shackle hanger currently inside the frame under the frame. Simply remove the shackles, unbolt shackle hanger from inside position, place under frame, reusing factory hardware as possible. The 2 shackle hanger brace plates will be installed with 1/2 inch spacer on bottom. Use longer 3/8-3 bolts and nyloc supplied hardware on lower spaced portion. Upper bolts are 3/8-1 with nyloc. After repositioning shackle hangers, install new longer shackles, reinstall leaf springs to factory specs, check all hardware, re torque after 500 miles.
This kit includes shocks, pit man arm, pan hard drop bracket, and adjustable pan hard bar. All of these parts simply replace the factory components, exactly as they come off the vehicle.

We recommend a factory manual for help with installing this kit if more precise info is needed.

Note: Factory crash bar is not reused with hanger kits.

Due to the size and weight of this kit, multiple packages are required-additional package shipping is calculated.