92-97 Ford F-250/350 4x4 2" Front Shackle Reversal

$ 299.00

Part Number: FORD-FSR-002-Raw

Pictured Vehicle:
94 F-350 Crew Cab w/ 2" Front Shackle reversal on 35's


What it does:  
Lifts the front of the truck 2" which will level the front of the truck. It also converts to a much more ride friendly shackle reverse design like most manufactures use. This kit uses the original 52" length 92-97 leaf springs, will not fit Super Duty springs.

Why choose a shackle reversal?
Shackle reversals move the shackle from inside your bumper and relocate it to the rear of the front leaf springs.  This allows the leaf spring to flex freely when you encounter a bump and helps eliminate that stiff feedback and harsh feeling thoroughly increasing ride quality.

 What it fits:  
92-97 Ford F-350 4x4 trucks, standard and crew cab. Can also be used on F-250 trucks with a Dana 60 axle swap. TTB may be possible with correct camber shims, or will fit F-250 4x4 with TTB drop brackets from Tough Country, part # 20852. Kit is designed to use factory 92-97 springs.

Other Components We Offer:

- Adjustable Panhard bar

- Bilstein 6248  Shocks

- Extended Shock/Bumpstop Mount

- Lo-Pro Shackle Hangers 

- Frame box Kit

Included in this kit:
1 - Hanger
2 - Shackles
4 - Bushing Halves
2 - Bushing Sleeves
2 - 1 3/4" Spacers
2 - 5/8" x 4 1/2 Bolts, Flat washers and Ny-locks
8 - 1/2 x 20 x 1 1/2 Bolts, Flat washers and Ny-locks
4 - 9/16" x 5 1/2" Bolts, Flat washers and Ny-locks

Installation Pictures
Installation requires printing the picture template on this page at 1:1 scale and trimming factory spring hanger in order to achieve 2" lift.
We have seen customers with worn out spring bushings and sliders have issues with clearing the shackles on the 2" FSR kits with the military wrap. These kits are designed with tight clearances and require spring bushings in good condition, not sagged out. We have added some info here to solve this issue. See info here. We recommend a factory rubber style bushing and spring slider combo kit.  A final step is to make sure your 2nd leaf is actually strait with the main leaf.

FORD F-350 4x4 2" Shackle Reversal Installation Instructions.
*******This kit is intended for 1992-1997 solid axle trucks only*******

1. Remove front bumper and remove front trac arm bolt. (upper bolt)
2. Jack up the front of the truck. Put jack stands under the frame at the rear of the leaf springs and lower the truck so the frame is resting on the jack stands.
3. Remove front tires.
4. Remove front spring bolts. Support front axle before removing bolts.
5. Lower front axle enough to remove front shackles.
6. Install new front hanger, lining up the 5/8" bolts in hanger with factory bolt holes. Install spacer into frame opening and insert 5/8" bolt through holes in frame, new bracket, and spacer. Tighten bolts snug at this time; you will torque all hardware at the end of installation
7. To locate front hanger after installing 5/8" pilot bolts, Measure 51.5" from center of rear spring bolt to center of new front spring bolt hole, clamp front hanger in place so it doesn't move. If using shorter than 52" factory length springs this dimension will need to be changed in order to fit correctly.
8. Center punch and drill 1/2" inch holes into frame through front cross member locations as marked by 1/2" inch holes in shackle reversal. Install 1/2" inch bolts ,nuts , flat washers . Be sure to use red Loctite and torque to nominal specifications. Now is the time to replace the spring bushings if you plan to do so.
9. Remove rear front spring bolts install front of spring into new hanger. Use provided 9/16" hardware and install longer shocks at this time if so desired.
10. Using factory bolts,install spring shackle in rear frame hanger. Use new hardware to install springs and torque to specs.
11. Check to make sure brake lines are not stretched. You may have to bend the hard line at the calipers toward the frame and/or bend down the tab that holds lines at frame
12. Install front bumper.
13. Install tires , raise the front of the vehicle and remove the jack stands place vehicle on ground and torque wheels to manufacture specs.
14. Remove factory trac bar and install adjustable bar. It helps to use the steering when aligning all the holes. Simply start truck and turn left or right slightly to Align.

 Recently Asked Questions For This Kit:
1)  Will there really be a noticeable ride improvement going to a FSR but keeping the  stock TTB?  It seems like with a flat spring there should be negligible difference
********** Way less bump "shock" when hitting pot holes and such, much less wander due to the changed geometry of how the suspension cycles.
2) If my current springs sag 1-2" from as-new condition, do you anticipate any problems using your FSR kit?  Should still sit close to stock height, so I assume not?
****** Should be no issues, we have 2-3 customers a week doing this same thing. A lot of people used add-a-leafs and are getting rid of them and going to the reversal to gain the ride back.
3)  Do you offer an option to add recovery D-rings or similar?  How much would that add to your standard kit?
****** We have a kit in the works that is not connected to the reversal as if it fails it will destroy the frame. This is a common issue with people welding receivers into them. So not at this time.
4)  Will I need to cut the bumper?
*****No it will clear, it is tight, but it should work just fine.


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