92-97 Ford F-250/350 4x4 5" Front Shackle Reversal

$ 449.00

Part Number: FORD-FSR-005-Raw-DropPlate

Pictured Vehicle: 
97 crew cab on 37's with a 5" front reversal and 2" add a leaf kit up front. Rear is a 4.5" FORD-RFK-001 and a 1" taller block kit.

What it is:  
Sky Manufacturing's second generation 5" lift front Ford F-350 4x4 shackle reversal. This kit provides much better ride than stock by eliminating the weak front shackle bushing.

What it does:  
Reverses shackles from front of the vehicle leaf to the rear of the front spring. Ties front of frame together with a fully fabricated hanger system that keeps the frame solidly tied together side to side. Eliminates weak failure prone stock shackles with "sway bar link" sized bushings.

Why choose a shackle reversal?  
Shackle reversals move the shackle from inside your bumper and relocate it to the rear of the front leaf springs.  This allows the leaf spring to flex freely when you encounter a bump and helps eliminate that stiff feedback and harsh feeling thoroughly increasing ride quality.

What it fits:  
1992-1997 F-350 or Solid axle converted F-250 (or F-250 w/ TTB with drop brackets for You will need TTB drop brackets from Tough Country part # 20852)

Other Components We Offer:
-Bilstein Shocks  Front (2) 6249     Rear (2) 6250
-Drop Pitman Arm
-Extended Front Brake Lines
-Adjustable Panhard Bar
-Rear Flip Kit
-Rear block kit


 Included in this kit:
1 - Panhard Drop Bracket
1 - Front Hanger
2 - Shackles
4 - Bushing Halves
2 - Bushing Sleeves
2 - 1 3/4" Spacers
2 - 5/8" x 4 1/2 Bolts, Flat washers and Nylocks
12 - 1/2 x 20 x 1 1/2 Bolts, Flat washers and Nylocks
4 - 9/16" x 5 1/2" Bolts, Flat washers and Nylocks
3 - 1/2" x 20 x 2" Bolts, Flat washers and Nylocks

FAQ:   Installation Pictures
The new generation front hanger kit also allows to fit an intercooler in the front cavity of the truck, as the ears of the hanger that sit on the inside of the frame are now formed to eliminate spacers previously used. All parts are laser cut, cnc formed, tig welded. Primary hanger is .250 steel, shackles and pan hard drop are 3/8ths steel.

Will require minor front frame horn modification to fit on some vehicles. If you are using a TTB front axle you will need to fab or buy drop brackets.

If trying to fit this kit to older 88-91 trucks, front frame modifications will be needed to make the frame replicate the 92-97 frame. Best way to grasp this is to compare both trucks and determine if you have the capability to perform such a task. See picture of frame differences above. We also manufacture a 2-2.5" kit for these 85-91 trucks.

Aftermarket lift springs:
Some of them will move the axle forward 1 to 2 inches. This is due to the simple geometry fact that they are shorter than factory length springs. If you do not account for this, you will have your axle moved forward accordingly. To cover this base when combining lifts, you will need to measure both the stock springs and the aftermarket springs and determine the length difference and tilt the front hanger rear wards to compensate. Failure to do so will result in your axle being pushed forward.

Sway bar:
Drops are not provided, many people do not reinstall the sway bar as they feel with good shocks and the reversal it is no longer needed. If you wish to retain the front factory sway bar, you will need some .500 id tube to cut and sleeve the factory sway bar links.

Steering Options:
Sky Manufacturing is proud to produce a new Ball Joint Dana 60 Ford Over the Spring Steering Conversion. This kit requires 6 inch's or more lift.
We machine your knuckle for a keyed 5 stud steering arm. This 5 stud keyed system is the strongest bolt on system we have encountered. We use our Chrome moly 9/16ths Dana 44 studs and conical washers. Kit will correct for a 7 inch lift with stock pit man arm. See Ford steering section for more info.


*******These are intended for 92-97 solid axle trucks, TTB will differ slightly, all major measurements are the same.*******

1. Remove front bumper and remove front trac arm bolt. (upper bolt)
2. Jack up the front of the truck. Put jack stands under the frame at the rear of the leaf springs lower the truck so the frame is resting on the jack stands.
3. Remove front tires.
4. Remove draglink from pitman arm . Remove pitman arm. Install new drop pitman arm. Pitman arm must be purchased separately and is not required unless combining shackle reversal kit with front lift springs.
 You may also see notes in the Ford Drop Pit Man arm section for reasons why or why not you need a drop pit man arm.
5. Remove front spring bolts. Support front axle before removing bolts.
6. Lower front axle enough to remove front shackles.
7. Install new front hanger , lining up the 5/8 inch bolts in hanger with factory bolt holes install spacer into frame opening and insert 5/8 inch bolt through holes in frame, new bracket, and spacer. Tighten  bolt snug at this time . You will torque all hardware at the end of installation
8.Measure 52 inches from center of rear spring bolt to center of new front spring bolt hole.
9.Center punch and drill 0.5 inch holes in new front cross member locations as marked by 0.5 inch holes in shackle reversal. Install 0.5 inch bolts ,nuts , flat washers . Be sure to use red loctite and torque to nominal specifications. Now is the time to replace the spring bushings if you plan to do so.
10. Remove rear front spring bolts install front of spring into new hanger. Use provided 9/16 inch hardware and install longer shocks at this time if so desired.
11.install spring shackle in rear frame hanger. Install springs and torque to specs.
12. Check to make sure brake lines are not stretched. You may have to bend the hard line at the calipers toward the frame and/or bend down the tab that holds lines at frame
13. Install front bumper.
14 Install tires , raise the front of the vehicle and remove the jack stands place vehicle on ground and torque wheels to manufacture specs.
15. Remove upper trac arm bracket and install new drop down bracket then bolt stock bracket to lower holes in drop bracket . It helps to use the steering when aligning all the holes. Simply start truck and turn left or right slightly to Align.


Some customers have noted after installing the shackle reversal bump steer and death wobble. This is due to the fact that your suspension is now much more solid and not floating under the truck anymore.

What causes this is 1 to 4 possible problems. The most common is bad steering linkage. Check for any slop, replace if found.

Ball joints bad, they need replaced every 75K on average if your using the good brands like Moog, more often if using Auto zone types, any slop will allow death wobble, replace as needed.

Leaf spring bushings shot. This is generally death wobble related. Replace them as well as the gliders in the springs at the same time.

Steering box worn. This is directly related to bump steer, Ford box's are weak, generally figure on replacing them or rebuilding about 100k. Any play will lead to a bump steer type reaction when driving on rough terrain.


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