86-97 Ford F-350 4X4 Pan Hard Stock Replacement Bracket

$ 79.00

Part Number: FORD-FSR-SRPHB-001
Since 2011, Sky Manufacturing has been producing a factory replacement Ford 88-97 pan hard bracket. Also referred to as a track bar bracket.

These brackets have been discontinued from Ford and are getting very hard to find in wrecking yards.

What it is: An aftermarket style replacement formed steel track bar/pan hard bracket for Ford F-350 trucks. Much stronger than factory light cast steel. Fits factory pan hard bar.
Replica of Ford part # E5TZ-3A093-A

What it does: Ford F-350 4x4 trucks used these factory to hold in place the pan hard or track bar which keeps the axle from violently moving side to side under the vehicle. When converting an F-250 to a Dana 60, you will need this as well as the pan hard bar. Most wrecking yards won't pull them, and generally they are bent if the truck was used hard.
Sky's new replacement bracket solves this problem entirely!

What you need: An 88-97 F-350 with factory Ford Dana 60 axle. This can also be used for F-250 solid axle swaps when converting from TTB axles if the factory part is bent or missing. 

Manufactured from USA 1/4 inch plate steel, tig and mig welded, optional black powder coated for a lasting weather protection.

Hardware is not included. Factory hardware is recommended.