92-97 Ford F-350 4x4 - SuperDuty Leaf Spring Conversion

$ 610.00

Part Number: FORD-FSRSD-004-PanhardDrop

Hands down one of our most favorite and popular kits we offer on the website; this kit is among our best additions we have to help your Ford Pickup ride like a dream.  Whether you're adding Atlas lift springs and our crossover steering/panhard to the mix or just running v-codes with stock steering/panhard, the length of the superduty springs and our shackle reversal system is a HUGE improvement over factory.  We personally like to use x-code springs to get enough lift to clear crossover steering and the crossover panhard conversion.  Our shackle hangers supplied in the kit are designed with a hole 1" forward of the factory hole to help aid in correct shackle angle to help your suspension work the way it should. 

Why choose a shackle reversal?

Shackle reversals move the shackle from inside of your bumper and relocate it to the rear of the front leaf springs.  This allows the leaf spring to flex freely when you encounter a bump and helps eliminate that stiff feedback and harsh feeling thoroughly increasing ride quality.

What this kit does:
-Converts 92-97 Ford F-350 solid axle 4x4 trucks (with 80-97 front axle) to a shackle reversal design
-Use's newer longer softer 99-04 Super Duty 4x4 front leaf springs.
-Kit will provide a 4" lift over factory spec truck w/ V-Code Springs (5.5" W/ X-codes).

What it fits:
1992-1997 F-350 4x4 or Solid axle converted F-250 WITH FACTORY 80-97 FRONT AXLE

Whats recommended to complete this kit:  Sky's is only selling complete line in individual components most needed parts are listed below with links.
-99-04 superduty V or X-code leaf springs
- Extended Multi Later Brake Lines Front and Rear Ford-Ebl-091-27
-Drop pitman arm Ford-CSKPA-6601
-If running 99-04 era SuperDuty leaf springs for the rear here is our conversion shackle FORD-SDBS-001
-Rear shackle flip kit to match the front Ford-RFK-004


Included in this kit:
1 - 36.5" Spring Pin Center Front Hanger
12 - 1/2 x 20 x 1 1/2 Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Frame)
2 - 5/8 x 18 x 4 1/2Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Frame)
2 - 18mm x 130mm Bolts, Nylocks (Springs)
4 - 1/4 inch Bumper Extensions
1 - PanHard Drop (Required option unless switching over to crossover Panhard&steering with a minimum total suspension lift of 5.5")
3 - 1/2 x 20 x 2 Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks
2 - Shackle Hangers (Driver and Passenger)
12 - 1/2x 20 x 1 1/2 Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Frame)
2 - 9/16 x 18 x 5 1/2 Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Shackles to Shackle Hangers)
2 - 5/8 x 18 x 51/2 Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Shackles to Springs)
2 - 5/8 ID 3" Shackles
4 - 2221 Bushings
2 - Sleeves
These kits come powder coated gloss black for a long lasting quality finish.

 Be careful of other versions of this kit around for less money that don't have all the parts you need, such as the shackle relocation hangers, pan hard drop bracket, bumper extensions, etc. Get it ALL in one kit and save time, money, and the headache!

Sky's Ford Super Duty Shackle Reversal leaf spring conversion is built with longevity in mind. There is no 1/8 and 3/16ths steel in this kit! We only use USA made steel, laser cut and CNC formed for precise holes, no 1/8th inch of slop here! We are the first company to design the shackle hangers based off the kit being used with Ford Super Duty springs, moving the shackle pivot point forward to achieve a correct shackle angle thus improving ride quality even further.


Sway bar:   Drops are not provided, many people do not reinstall the sway bar as they feel with good shocks and the reversal it is no longer needed. If you wish to retain the front factory sway bar, you will need some .500 id tube to cut and sleeve the factory sway bar links.

Leaf Springs:    Designed for this swap are V code 99-04 Super Duty Ford leaf springs, this code is the leaf weight code on the VIN number for the truck. You can use 99-04 x-code leaf springs to gain 5.5" of total lift.  There is almost no way to tell which springs you have without the VIN code.

A good source for these springs new is:


Intercoolers: Yes they will fit with this kit

Front Bumper:   Currently with 1/4 inch spacers included in this kit we have not found a need to cut the front bumper.

-Why we use so many bolts on our front leaf hanger?
*********When you change the impact point of the leaf springs to the front of the truck, and make it solid, the force is multiplied numerous times what the factory intended. The Super Duty leaf conversion uses 6 bolts per leaf hanger frame side, all new non slotted drilled holes, plus the factory shackle bolt. We keep all the smaller bolts only retaining one side of the frame, no crush style through bolt design. The reason is, without a spacer inside the frame, the clamp style will simply crush the frame over time and come loose, generally wrecking the frame. Separate bolts also increase the strength. We have tried the spacer inside the frame design, it was just install prohibitive as the frame is rarely the same ID, and rather difficult to fish through the small box of the frame. While less bolts will work, over time fatigue wins. Take a look at the amount of rivets Ford used on the rear of the front leaf hangers, 6 per side, even after the shackle adsorbed some of the impact force. This may explain the reasons even better than I can here.
-Why we don't manufacture a "0" lift shackle reversal?
**********I'll try and keep this simple, there is not exactly a way to do this, by design you have to drop the front and rear the same or close in order to keep pinion and castor angles correct. Also the super duty springs add extra lift as they have more arch factory than the older springs.
Now it gets less simple. If you get diesel excursion springs, you can keep it about 2" of lift, but the pan hard bracket will not work, and how the engine cradle is made is semi difficult to build a 2" drop plate. So what we do is use the 3" drop fab bracket, and generally add a 3/4 shim to the spring pack. If you are interested in this option, please e-mail us for more info.


*******This kit is for 1992-1997 Solid axle trucks only*******

1. Remove front bumper.
2. Jack up the front of the truck. Put jack stands under the frame at the rear of the leaf springs lower the truck so the frame is resting on the jack stands.Support axle as it will need to be lowered as you install the kit and springs.
3. Remove front tires, remove shocks, remove trac bar mount
4. Remove drag link from pit man arm . Remove pit man arm. Install new drop pit man arm. Pit man arm must be purchased separately and is not all ways needed if replacing lift springs, etc.If combining shackle reversal kit with front lift springs a Over the Top Steering crossover system may be needed.
5. Remove front spring bolts. Support front axle before removing bolts.
6. Lower front axle enough to remove front shackles.
7. Install new front hanger , lining up the 5/8th bolts in hanger with factory bolt holes install spacer into frame opening and insert 5/8th bolt through holes in frame, new bracket, and spacer. Tighten bolt snug at this time . You will torque all hardware at the end of installation.Remove rear spring leaf bolt. This will be the point you will measure to from the front hanger leaf bolt hole in step 8.

8.Measure 55.5 from center of rear spring bolt to center of new front spring bolt hole.Next remove shackle hanger. Install new shackle hangers, with supplied 1/2 inch hardware. It is best to start with one hole and make all the rest line up based on that point. Ford seems to be off as much as 3/8ths of an inch truck to truck.
9.Center punch and drill ½” holes in new front cross member locations as marked by ½” holes in shackle reversal. Install ½” bolts ,nuts , flat washers . Be sure to use red loc tite and torque to nominal specifications. Now is the time to replace the spring bushings if you plan to do so.
10. Install rear front spring bolts and shackles, install front of spring into new hanger. Use provided 9/16” hardware and install longer shocks at this time if so desired.
11.install spring shackle in rear frame hanger.
12. Check to make sure brake lines are not stretched. You may have to bend the hard line at the calipers toward the frame and/or bend down the tab that holds lines at frame
13. Install front bumper.
14 Install tires , raise the front of the vehicle and remove the jack stands place vehicle on ground and torque wheels to manufacture specs.
15. Remove upper trac arm bracket and install new fabricated drop down bracket. Reinstall factory pan hard bar, or new adjustable Sky's bar. It helps to use the steering when aligning all the holes. Simply start truck and turn left or right slightly to Align. You will reuse the factory upper hardware unless you torch the factory bolts. They are blocked in by the engine.
16. Bumper spacing, simply add spacers as needed to make bumper clear shackle reversal hanger. We are sure somewhere there is a truck that will need the bumper trimmed, worst case plan for this. Install bumper as removed.
17. Axle relocation plates. Depending on the location of the axle center line and size of tires being run, it may be necessary to move the axle forward slightly more. The axle relocation pads will move the axle either 5/8ths or 3/4 inch. The axle relocation pads will require die grinding, milling, etc of the top shock mount u bolt plates to allow the spring pin movement.

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