92-97 Ford F-250/350 4x4 OBS - Superduty Axle AND Leaf Spring Conversion

$ 319.00

Part Number: FORD-FSRSDAL-004

What it is:

Sky's 92-97 OBS Ford 4x4 to SuperDuty ( 99-04) axle conversion shackle reversal kit not including the FORD-FSSH-001 shackle hangers.

Why choose a shackle reversal?

Shackle reversals move the shackle from inside your bumper and relocate it to the rear of the front leaf springs.  This allows the leaf spring to flex freely when you encounter a bump and helps eliminate that stiff feedback and harsh feeling thoroughly increasing ride quality.  The benefits of a shackle reversal system is impressive alone with factory springs, but when coupled with SuperDuty springs the ride quality increase is like that of new SuperDuty trucks 99-04. 

What this kit does:

1st- it converts your 92-97 Ford F-250 or F-350 4x4 to a shackle reversal front suspension system.

2nd- it converts your truck to longer softer much better riding 99-04 Ford Super Duty v code leaf springs. Other code springs can be used but these are correct for the majority of diesel trucks.

3rd- it provides a 4" lift, which is the common size for a 35 inch tire, which is the most common upgrade tire size for these trucks.

4Th- it use's much more common 99-04 Super Duty axles, both front and rear, which for F-250 owners looking for an axle swap, this saves you thousands! F-350 owners will get the benefits of better steering, rear disc brakes, larger ring and pinion, and beefier axle tubes.

Included in this kit:

1 - Front Hanger
12 - 1/2 x 20 x 1 1/2 Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Frame)
2 - 5/8 x 18 x 4 1/2Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Frame)
2 - 18mm x 130mm Bolts, Nylocks (Springs)
12 - 1/2x 20 x 1 1/2 Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Frame)
2 - 9/16 x 18 x 5 1/2 Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Shackles to Shackle Hangers)
2 - 5/8 x 18 x 51/2 Bolts, Flat Washers, Nylocks (Shackles to Springs)
2 - Shackles
4 - Bushings
2 - Sleeves

What’s needed: Sky's is only selling complete line in individual components most needed parts are listed below with links.

- Relocation of the Shackle hanger 1" forward using your fabrication skills or our Ford-FSSH-001 which provides a much better shackle angle

- Conversion Brake Lines Front and Rear Ford-sdcbl-001

- Sway bar conversion links, FORD-ESBL-001, many customers report no need with the reversal though  


-Drop pitman arm Ford-CSKPA-6601 -Unless switching to crossover steering Ford-CSKPA-6602

-Crossover steering kit

-Ford SuperDuty conversion Panhard FORD-APBSDAC-001

-If running 99-04 era leaf springs for the rear, conversion shackle FORD-SDBS-001


-We also generally see customers use our Ford-RFK-004


The springs used for this swap are V code 99-04 Super Duty Ford leaf springs, this code is the leaf weight code on the VIN number for the truck. There is almost no way to tell which springs you have without the VIN code. One common number we have found is F81A on the V code springs. A good source for these springs new is B and T sales in Harleysville PA.

Instructions for mounting are exactly the same as our Super Duty FORD-FSRSD-004 leaf spring conversion shackle reversal for the older axles on the 92-97 trucks. The key basic dimension needed is from the old shackle hangers forward to the leaf hanger eye. This is 55.5" on a stock 99-04 Super Duty spring.


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