2wd to 4wd Conversion Kit for OBS Dana 60 Axle


This is a complete 2wd to 4wd swap for an OBS, you will need an 85-97 Ford Dana 60, stock steering linkage, drive shafts, transmission, transfer case, factory rear blocks and our brake line brackets to complete the swap

- 2" OBS Leaf Spring Shackle Reversal (FORD-FSR-002i-RAW)

- Ford Front Suspension Shackle Hanger Kit  (FORD-FSSH-002-RAW)

- Adjustable Panhard Bar (Ford-Apb-001-Bushing-Raw)

- (4)  Bilstein 10" Shocks (SHOCKS-BIL6248)

- Front Conversion U-Bolts  (FORD-FRUB-7777-C)

- Stock Replacement Panhard Bracket (FORD-SRPHB-RAW)

- Extended Brakelines Front&Rear   (FORD-EBL-091-27-Front-Rear.9297)

- 2wd-4wd Frame Box Kit  (Ford-4wdc-001)

- 4wd F-350 Pitman Arm  (Ford-SRP-PA85019)

- 85-97 Ford F-350 Dual Shock Brackets (FORD-DSK-001-RAW)