78-97 Ford 4x4 Rear Shackle Flip Kit 4.5"

$ 179.00

Part Number: FORD-RFK-001-Raw

Since 1998, Sky's Off-Road is the only company producing a rear shackle flip kit for the Ford vehicles so far. 

Newly redesigned to match the rest of our product line!

Pictured Vehicle

4.5" rear flip kit on 37" tire with a 1" taller block.

What it is:

Sky's Ford Rear Shackle Flip Kit.

What it fits:

78-97 Bronco, F-150, F-250, F-350 4x4

What it does:

This kit adds 4.5 inch's of lift on its own by flipping the shackle 180 degrees.

Whats Recommended:

-If you would like a new heavy duty shackle and to add another 1" of lift FORD-HDRS-001.

Whats Included in this kit:

2 - Brackets

8 - 1/2" x 1.5"  bolts

8 - 1/2" nylocks,

8 - 1/2" flat washers



Sold in Pairs.  Raw or Powder Coated Black


On Bronco based vehicles, no modifications are needed to correct pinion angle if only the flip kit is used. On long wheel base vehicles, using factory blocks, we recommend a 4 inch lift block with a 4 degree taper replace the factory blocks, in reverse of stock. This will correct pinion angle and move the axle slightly rearward. On vehicles using aftermarket lift springs, it may require that you move the front solid hanger rearward up to 2 inch's. There are many variations that exist, the best plan is to plan on the pinion angle needing some degree of correction. The best way to correctly determine this, is to install the kit and calculate from there.

Tired of the weak torch and turn shackle flip kits. Want something strong and attractive looking? Need it to bolt on? We've covered it all with our bolt on shackle flip kit for the rear shackle on almost any Ford pickup or Bronco with 3" wide rear springs ( 3.5 with bushings). Moves the shackle forward 1 inch for better ride and angle, bolts to stock location of factory upwards shackle hanger, constructed of 1/4 and 3/8ths steel plate, laser cut and CNC formed.
The Ford shackle flip kit bolted in the stock location adds Aprx. 4.5 inch's of lift. Some may prefer to weld on the bracket, depending on location this will add or subtract lift on the principal of an one inch shackle movement adds or subtracts 1/2 inch of lift.

If you are running stock rear leaf springs, there should not be any change in towing, most newer trucks come with the shackle inverted from the factory now anyway. With the taper blocks, you should get the axle to move rearward slightly which is what it needs as it moves about an inch forward with the flip do to arc of the springs.