99-04 Ford Super Duty 4x4 Rear Shackle Flip lift 4.5"

$ 169.00

Part Number: FORD-RFK-002-Raw

New! Ford Super Duty Shackle Flip.

Rear Shackle flip kit for the 99-2004 Ford Super Duty trucks (F-250 F-350) and Excursions. Adds 4.5 inch's of lift by reversing the rear shackle of the rear leaf spring. Increases articulation by allowing the spring to follow its natural arc. Kit includes 2 rear hangers, 8 1/2" bolts, nylocks, and sae washers.

Kit can be installed in as little as 45 minutes! Use's existing rivet holes as pilot for new bolt holes on flip kit bracket. Please note on Excursions, you will need to drill 2 new holes as these brackets mimic the truck bolt pattern, Excursions were lowered by raising the spring mount brackets. This will yield about a 5.5" lift on the Excursion.

Add a 4.5 front lift hanger kit ( FORD-FLK-004 )for a total all around 4.5 inch lift, or combine with 8 inch springs for a 12.5 inch lift.

On long wheel base vehicles, retaining lift blocks, we recommend a 3 inch lift block with a 4 degree taper replace the factory blocks, in reverse of stock. This will correct pinion angle and move the axle slightly rearward.
The best way to get exactly the correct angle is to install the kit and then get a pinion angle measurement and correct as needed.
On vehicles using aftermarket lift springs, or an add-a-leaf lift, it may require that you move the front solid hanger rearward up to 2-3 inch's.