Rock Tactics alternator relocation/ TC pump bracket LS

$ 220.00

Part Number: RT-LSAPSM
Have a Ls motor based buggy build on your hands and need some extra room? Need a way to professionally mount a TC style power steering pump on an LS? Just want a cleaner engine bay in your LS conversion vehicle?

Rock Tactics LS based engine alternator TC power steering pump mount is exactly that! Laser cut and tig welded, 3/16th material is layered in critical area's for strength, yet skeleton-ized where not needed for weight reduction.

Cody from Rock Tactics says, our LS Series Alternator/Power Steering bracket. This bracket was designed to stay tight to the motor and utilize all 5 mounting points across the face of the motor. We wanted to spread the load as evenly as possible to keep strength at an all time high while maintaining a light weight design.This bracket runs 2 idler pulleys to get the ultimate wrap on accessories. These are CNC Laser Cut out of 3/16" steel and Tig Welded. This kit includes hardware and Idler pulley