Tacoma Spring Skid Plate Kit

$ 49.00

Part Number: TACO-SSP-001
Sky's Off Road Design Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Rear Leaf Spring Skid Plate Kit.

Have you seen the rear leaf spring mounts of a Tacoma that's been used? Here is the fix!

What it does: These skid plates will eliminate rocks or other large objects from catching on your stock rear leaf spring front solid mounts, allowing you to slide right over obstacles and keep forward momentum. They also brace the stock mounts doubling the strength and preventing failure and tearing off entirely.

What it is: Made of 3/16" PO Steel, laser cut, CNC formed and made in the USA!

What it fits: 95-04 Tacoma's. Can be adapted to older trucks. Generally these vehicles have been fitted with longer springs, and a tapered skid style front hanger though. If your truck has mounts that look like front sas leaf hanger mounts, we recommend upgrading to something functional.

Requires welding, some trucks may require trimming of body mount legs, such as our 2002 crew cab. Uses factory hardware to install and hold in position for welding. We do not recommend simply bolting this kit on!

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