Toyota 9 Inch Lift Front Springs

$ 599.00

Part Number: TOY-BGS-009
After many requests for larger lift springs, Sky's Off Road has designed and brought to market 9" lift Toyota leaf springs. Designed after our popular 3 and 5 inch springs, these will get you to nose bleed heights!

These springs are USA made, with US spring steel, fit Toyota factory 18mm bushings, tapered leaves, bolt style spring retainers, and move the front axle forward 1.5 inch's.

Springs are designed to fit factory hangers, and are designed around the popular 47 inch after market springs. Springs have a 14 inch free arch. They will settle to 9 inch's of lift. These springs based on 47 inch springs will require the front hanger moved 1 inch forward of stock solid axle position as well as 5 inch shackles. Stock hangers and shackles can not be used, springs will not settle correctly.

If your bogging, snow wheeling, or mall crawling and have to be the biggest truck on the block, these springs will get you there and still ride decently!

Combined with our 2 inch hanger kit and longer shackles, you can get up to a 12" suspension lift

Springs are sold per pair, and include poly bushings.Springs may take up to 2 weeks to ship depending on stock.