Toyota Detroit Locker 79-95 Hilux.

$ 599.00

Part Number: TOY-DET187S-4CYL
Sky Manufacturing has a full line of Detroit lockers in stock, for either v6 or 4 cyl Toyota mini truck applications. A Detroit locker is arguably the best full locker on the market, with years of reliability backing the name. The Detroit replaces your entire carrier, leaving no chance of worn side gears, bad spider gears, or shims. Call for package deals on lockers, install kits, and gears!

Detroit Locker provides maximum traction for off-road or racing use. The heavy-duty case and internals provide a dramatic increase in strength while giving 100% torque to both tires. The mechanically-operated unit works by locking while under power and unlocking when you let off the gas, allowing you to turn. Unit comes standard with a one year warranty against workmanship defects.