Terms, Conditions & Policies


  • Shipping Method (This is the estimated transit time once it leaves our facility, NOT including any lead time on shipping) ** CURRENT LEAD TIME IS LESS THAN ONE WEEK FOR MOST ITEMS, BUT ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE **


  • We will ship to the address you entered when registering on our site – not to your PayPal address.
  • With the exception of Canadian shipments, we do not ship Internationally due to poor tracking systems. For Canadian shipments, our shipping charges DO NOT cover Canada’s customs and brokerage fees; you will be responsible for these.
  • All orders are processed in the order they are received. Orders should be placed online for faster processing.
  • Discount codes apply only to Sky built products, we don't get huge discounts on other companies products thus we can not sell them for less than listed.

General Disclaimer

Don't be a dumbass, double check all parts before disabling your daily driver. Fit, finish, etc is the responsibility of the end user/installer. This is the real world, sh*t can happen with 1600 part combinations. Make sure you received the correct parts first, any corrections need to be reported to Sky's within 10 business days. We will get any problems taken care of in a timely manor. Failure to follow these simple well known industry directions will increase the time required to solve any issues immensely as well as requiring you to purchase the correct parts at your expense.

Due to the near custom nature of off-road products and fabricated components, components may sometimes require minor fitting. While Sky Manufacturing test fits every product we sell, this does not always mean every vehicle is exactly the same. Installation will sometimes require: grinding, prying, test fit, tack welding, re-torque, alignment, etc, within reason. Installation shops are generally capable of such processes and familiar with them. Should you feel you are not capable of the installation process, you will need to seek competent installation.


  • Sky Manufacturing accepts Visa/MasterCard payments only.
  • Under no circumstance do we take checks in any form.
  • We do not accept COD Money order.
  • Due to the nature of Sky Manufacturing's near custom products, we require payment up-front and in-full at the time the order is placed.
  • If there is a back order you will be notified at that time.
  • Back order is considered longer than our normal production lead time pre shipping window noted in the check out cart.
  • If you need your parts shipped same day, It is not possible, we don't have time to push 50 orders aside from customers that have paid and planned ahead.
  • If you do not want to be charged at time of sale, we will approximate a time when we will need a call back to place your order.
  • Sky Manufacturing cannot hold a waiting list due to staff limitations; you must place the order which will fall into our production lead times.
  • 60% of Sky Manufacturing's products are on the shelf and ready to ship within 1-3 business days.
  • Due to current economic conditions and competition with China for steel, products both made by Sky Manufacturing and supplied by outside sources are taking much longer than normal to get.
  • PLEASE be sure to e-mail if in a hurry to make sure products are available.
  • We will do our best to notify you of any back orders.


Prices are subject to change without notice, please double check price when ordering. No refunds are given on items we hold sales on, do not call and ask for money back because you purchased a part two months before the sale. Generally prices reflect many changes in economic conditions, steel is rising, prices will go up on parts made out of steel. We purchase 500 parts instead of 50, we can offer better prices.


All Sky Manufacturing products carry a 1 year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. Wear parts such as tie rod ends, studs, hardware, bushings are excluded from warranty. All Sky Manufacturing products are sold under the assumption of being used in OFF-ROAD only situations. All warranty claims will require the product in question to be delivered to Sky Manufacturing at customer expense, no exceptions. Collateral expense's are not covered under any warranty case. This includes labor and additional expense. Abuse means you welded, cut, beat, ran over the part, etc. Abuse voids warranty entirely.

By purchasing Sky's Products, you have agreed to these terms and conditions in full.

Thank you from the Sky Manufacturing crew!