94-04 Chevy S10 Solid Axle Conversion (4wd)

  • Kit adds 5" of lift to leaf spring height.
  • Uses 47" front springs Chevy 73-87 leaf springs. Jeep Wagoneer can be used as well, axle pin position will be forward of a balanced Chevy leaf Spring.
  • Complete bolt on leaf hanger kit, No welding. Shock hoops are weld on!
  • Uses 31.5" Spring pad width axles. 

The Sky's Off-Road Design solid axle conversion kit includes all the necessary brackets to convert an IFS (independent front suspension) to a solid axle system. The solid axle design allows for taller lift heights, larger tires and increased articulation. The solid axle conversion kit offers a modular design that bolts onto existing mounting points and frame rails. The kits can be easily installed and retains all factory capabilities. The Sky's Off-Road Design conversion kits is a combination of innovative engineering and design that is performance driven.