79-95 Toyota Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Kit includes brackets, modified rotors, and steel braided brake lines.

Designed for:
Calipers: 79-85 Monte Carlo or Cadillac Eldorado, front or rear depending on if you need the e-brake or not. These are considered the GM metric caliper, which is used in numerous disk brake conversions. The GM metric caliper is also available aftermarket from companies such as Wilwood Brakes.  Sky's does not supply parts nor calipers for e-brake systems, these are prone to failure and very difficult to keep adjusted correctly.

"Big Bore" Metric Calipers will not work with this kit.

Axles:  Brackets will fit standard pattern Toyota axles, 1979-2004, some 2005-2006 axles, customer will need to double check there pattern with an older axle. Grinding of ABS ports may be needed if equipped. Standard pattern is a square 3.438 pattern or 88mm

Other Items You Will Need:
Loaded Calipers

Additional Information:
Rotors: GM origin, machined to fit either a 79-85 hub centric of 3.6" or 86-95 4.2" hub centric. Will also fit early Tacoma with 4.2" hub centric. Rotors are 1" wide.

Brackets:  We took the good, the bad, and built brackets that work every time. There is only .003 tolerance on these brackets, which required us to start by laser cutting .375 ( 3/8ths) steel, then forming it, then final machine of the holes that bolt to the axle housing and the caliper. 

Kit will fit 15 inch wheels with 3.5 or less backspace.


1.  Place vehicle securely on lift or jack stands, remove rear tires.

2.  Pull brake drums at this time, remove all factory drum brake components, next remove the backing plate bolts, remove axle.

3.  At this point you can separate the backing plate from the bearing cup,and throw it away! The drum brake backing plate, not the bearing cup.

4.  Reinstall axle and bearing cup in housing, install brackets as shown in picture, using new hardware.

5.  Install rotors, making sure they are clean, install calipers, install lines, bleed brakes. Install tires, recheck brakes, your done.

-There is a small knob on some calipers that will interfere with the bracket, grinding it is ok. See diagram.

-Note on installing kit on ABS equipped vehicle:
Put the Left Caliper on the Right and the Right on the Left. This is due to the ABS and keeping the bleeder above the hose fitting

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