Toyota Hilux Rear Disc Brake Con. Rotors

$ 95.00

Part Number: TOY-RDR-001-79.85
Toyota disk brake conversion rotors, the final part needed the tried and true design dating back to the early 90's.

Brake rotors are of GM origin, machined to fit either a 79-85 hub centric of 3.6" or 86-95 4.2" hub centric. Will also fit early Tacoma with 4.2" hub centric.

Rotors are 1" wide/thick. Sky's Machines these rotors to fit the specified axle year.

.Modified Chevy rotor for use with our Toyota Disc Brake Conversion for Hilux and Mini Truck. May also fit 95.5-04 Tacoma with 4.2 brake hub centric.

Rotors are based off 88-94 GMC light duty half ton rotors, 1 inch thick.

Please specify year of axle above.

Rotors are vented, not cross drilled.

Fit 6 lug 6x5.5 axles.

Sold in Pr's.