Toyota Hilux Rear Disc Brake Con. Rotors

Toyota disk brake conversion rotors, the final part needed the tried and true design dating back to the early 90's.

Brake rotors are of GM origin, machined to fit either a 79-85 hub centric of 3.6" or 86-95 4.2" hub centric. Will also fit early Tacoma with 4.2" hub centric.

Rotors are 1" wide/thick. Sky's Machines these rotors to fit the specified axle year.

.Modified Chevy rotor for use with our Toyota Disc Brake Conversion for Hilux and Mini Truck. May also fit 95.5-04 Tacoma with 4.2 brake hub centric.

Rotors are based off 88-94 GMC light duty half ton rotors, 1 inch thick.

Please specify year of axle above.

Rotors are vented, not cross drilled.

Fit 6 lug 6x5.5 axles.

Sold in Pr's.