97 Ford Tow Vehicle

97 Ford Tow Vehicle

We set out a goal to make the best riding leaf sprung OBS truck we could get our hands on.  OBS Solutions needed a towing vehicle for his personal show truck and gave us a call to get him lined out with the suspension and steering parts he needed to make it happen. 

We are helping with the install to get more information to you, the customer, to showcase more awesome projects and help spread information

 11/1/19  FlatBed PowderCoated

 8/26/19 - Flatbed is getting finishing touches before powdercoat

 6/15/19 - Flat bed was  finished and installed on truck

5/23/19  -  Flatbed is in process off to get laser cut and assembled.

3/28/19  -  Truck is still in progress, all suspension parts are installed.  We are waiting for the flatbed to get built.



97 F-350 7.3 Diesel

Dually Front/Rear 92-97 Axles

Front Suspension:

4" Revtek 99-04 Front Spring

2" Front Superduty Spring Shackle Reversal

Crossover Panhard Conversion

Extended BrakeLines F/R

Crossover Steering

Rear Suspension:

3" Custom 08-16 Rear Spring

08-16 Rear Spring Swap


Updated 8/26/19


Updated 5/23/19



Updated 3/28/19