Justin Reece Wins 4600 Class, KOH 2019

RustyNail Justin has been involved in Ultra4/King of the Hammers racing since the mid 2000's.  He was the first full-bodied vehicle (FJ40) to finish the race back in ~2010. Since then he has been a Co-Driver for an IFS 4400 car along with building and racing his own Second Gen 86' Toyota Pickup. Through racing more than 8 years of KOH with integrity and sportsmanship, he has earned a positive reputation with the fans/racers alike.


Years of rock crawling experience, mechanical aptitude, and an extensive race-prep regimen have treated him well in the race standings;  multiple podium finishes in the KOH/Reno Nationals prove there is no substitute (other than good/bad luck).

With many podium finishes, 1st place has always eluded the 4619 truck.  A few setbacks including a clogged fuel tank in 2016 and bad alternator in 2017 took him out of the lead keeping him from taking the checkered flag, this year would prove to be different.

 Race day came and Justin was starting out fairly far back in the pack.  He muscled through the rock and desert slowly working his way past V8 powered 4-Linked buggies and jeeps closing in on first place.  It was a very light day for the race support as they only needed to monitor driveline bolts from a dented driveline, many of the crew members shuffled around to different pits diligently watching the GPS tracker anticipating his pass through the checkpoints. It came down to the last section of the race and 4619 was in second, 15-20 miles before the finish line he had passed the last 4600 car.  The crew scrambled from the last remote pit to meet him at the finish line feverishly awaiting his return back to where he had left 9 hours ago.

It came time for the little 4Cylinder-that-could to cross the jeep arch just outside of the short course, the announcers started calling out the 4619 truck arriving as the first of the 4600 class to cross the finish line.  Over thirty family and friends were standing watching as the tan Toyota pickup drove up and parked on the podium.  The announcers called an Unnoficial First Place and the following saturday morning Justin was awarded an Official First Place for the 2019 KOH 4600 Class.



 Choosing to test and develop our Toyota 3F Front and 4" Rear Springs on this truck was an easy task.  Justin was able to put thousands of trail miles and multiple races on one set proving they can handle a beating.  We couldn't be happier to help support RustyNail Racing.

Who knows what race is next for the 4619 truck, but one thing is certain, we'll be behind Justin every step of the way.