85-91 Ford F-350 4x4 2" Front Shackle Reversal (Superduty Spring)

    • Kit provides much better ride than stock by moving shackle to rear of spring.
    • Eliminates the weak front shackle design.
    • Levels truck by lifting 2" and allows use of 35's minor trimming possibly
    • Adapts the much better riding 99-04 Superduty Springs
    • NEW OPTION! 2wd -> 4wd frame plates. Put a Dana 60 in your 2wd!


    • Truck: 85-91 F-350 4x4 straight axle trucks.  *NOTE* Can be used on 80-91 F150/250/350 Bronco to swap in a solid axle or convert 2wd. Bronco/F150 use 2wd kit  80-84 Frame is the same, suspension is different
    • Springs: 56" 99-04 Superduty Front Springs
    • Axle: 85-97 F-350 Dana 60


    1 - Front Hanger
    2 - Inner Frame Plates (Weld-on)
    2 - Shouldered Frame Sleeve
    2 - Shackles
    4 - Bushing halves
    2 - Bushing Sleeves
    1 - Hardware Kit

    Additional Information:

    Check out Diesel World's Project Obsessed running Sky's FSR (RSK) Kit



    NOTE : Cheap, foreign aftermarket springs are not recommended. We have had issues with the military wrap leaf being way too large and contacting the hanger. This is not an issue with quality USA made springs.

    • Lift amounts rated for V-Code 43-814 Springs 2C3Z-5310-HA
    • X-Code 43-818 Springs will lift an extra 1.5"
    • Clearance for intercoolers
    • If you need help deciding what other parts you may need to complete your swap please CLICK HERE
    • Part numbers and specs for Superduty Springs can be found online HERE

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    86 f150 2wd to 4x4 RSKSD kit installed

    Pretty straight forward install, from the F350 to the F150 is a bit different but if you are comfortable with tools you can do it in your driveway.

    Flushed the cross member with the front of the frame, I have 6 inch lift SD leafs so measured for them instead of the 5.5 inches suggested but it went smoothly.

    Thanks for the great product. Feel free to send me the track bar kit if you are feeling generous haha. Thanks again!

    Michael Leisinger
    2 inch shackle reversal for superduty axle conversion

    Installing this kit on an 85 f-250 and swapping in 2002 f-350 axles, this kit is built phenomenally, from the plasma table cuts to the welds it is true craftsmanship and quality that stands out. USA made and glad to be able to buy from and support a local shop.

    Thanks for the review! Our parts are actually cut with a laser, that's why the cuts are so much cleaner than a plasma.

    Vincent Thomason
    Use for 2wd to 4wd conversion

    As we all know time is expensive and I needed to convert a truck to 4wd. Even though this kit is not intended for that purpose; if you can get your measurements correct and know how to do some minor fabrication, this kit is just what you need. I could have built this all myself, but with having the kit I was able to get it completed in a few evenings! Highly recommend!!!

    Nice work Vincent! Jobs like these are always a dream. We appreciate your business and review. Thank you.

    chris seavy
    Love my skys kit

    I love this kit I was able to do it in 1 day and the ride is much better looking forward to getting the rear done soon.