Sky's Ford Traction Bar Bracket Kit

$ 349.00

Part Number: FORD-BYOTBK-001-C1

Option 1:  Ford Style Frame Brackets W/ Non Adjustable Ends

Option 2:  Ford Style Frame Brackets W/ Adjustable Ends

    What it Does: Provides the needed hard parts to fab one pair of single-link traction bars with customer supplying tube of desired length and size.

    What it fits:  Axle mounts are currently cut for a 3.5" axle tube.  You can mount to inside/outside of frame.

    What you need: This kit and your choice of link material. Round, square, flat bar; It's up to the end-user choice. We use 2" Round 120 wall, bushing casing is 2.250 OD, 2.125 wide.