Chevrolet/GM Corporate 14 bolt Axle Conversion Kit

Corporate 14 bolt axle conversion kit.
Also can be used for replacing worn factory components.

Kit includes grade 8 5/8" U-bolts, 3/8" laser cut and cnc formed spring plates, and laser cut cnc formed 1/4" spring perches with a 3.5 relief to fit the larger tube on the Corporate axle.
Fits 2.5 wide domestic springs, or 2.375" Toyota springs.

U bolts are designed for up to a 2.5 inch thick spring pack, or thinner pack with a small block lift. Saddle to end of leg height is 8.5 inch's.

Great for turning rear ends with big lifts, much safer than shims.
Manufactured in the USA, with US steel, U bolts also a product of the USA made locally for Sky's Off Road Design.

You may also want to purchase a set of our lower shock mounts available separately.

Longer U-bolts are available on a special order basis, 2-5 days lead time, additional costs, e-mail us for a quote please!