Dana 44 High Steer Arm Install/Stud Kit

Sky's Off Road Design Dana 44 9/16ths high steer stud kit.

The fact is, stock Dana studs were not designed for extreme use.

So we fired up the SL-30 CNC lathe, grabbed some Chrome moly bar and started making our own studs.

We start by cutting and threading the material, then it goes to heat treat for through hardening and then a black oxide coating is applied. The studs have a tensile strength of aprx 190kpi.

Conical washers were another hard to find item. We have stared making our own, also out of chrome moly. These conical washers will not distort like factory softer versions.

Includes 3: 9/16" x 18 Thread 4340 Chrome Moly Hardened studs, 9/16" Stover nuts, and 9/16" 4340 Chrome Moly conical washers.

Made in the USA!.

Alloy 4340 is a triple alloy (Ni-Cr-Mo) with very deep hardenability. This is important where high strength is required in heavy sections. This assures maximum toughness as well as ductility at the desired strength level. Alloy 4340 is perfect for highly stressed parts. It maintains its properties at high temperatures.  It is tough, shock and impact resistant steel with excellent torque strength. This steel is used where heavy duty, high strength requirements are to be met.

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