Toyota Tacoma Frame Reinforcement Plates

If your considering a solid axle conversion on your 95.5-2004 Toyota Tacoma or similar based 4 Runner, these frame reinforcement plates are mandatory for all but mall crawler builds. Tacoma frames are very thin in the front cab forward position, aprx .095 wall, not what you want to rely on holding your front axle under your truck.

Sky Manufacturing's Tacoma Frame Reinforcement plates have steering box location built in to help aid in box location.If not running a steering box, plug weld the holes. This location is designed for a flat style pitman arm.

Reinforcement plates run from the front body mount all the way back to the vin number, as well as wrapping under the frame to insure a strong platform from which to start your build.

Manufactured from 3/16ths USA steel plate, laser cut and CNC formed for a perfect fit, these will keep shock hoops from ripping out as well as keeping the frame from bending when pushing against trail obstacles with front bumpers.

Includes right and left frame plates. Requires removing IFS and welding fabrication skills.

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