Toyota Solid Axle Swap Kit Stage 1

Toyota front leaf hanger kit with logo
29" spring center.
Kit includes Hanger, Hardware, frame tubes,grease-able boomerang shackles, frame tube jigs and all bushings and sleeves.

Hardware includes:
4- Boomerang shackle plates (Long side up, bend goes to the rear)
2- Frame Tube Jigs (goes between body frame mount, slide all the way forward and mark)
4- 18mm x 150 grease-able bolts (for boomerang shackles)
4- 18mm nylocks (for shackle bolts)
4- UHMW Spacers (goes inside shackles and sandwiches spring)
2- 9/16" x 18 x 5" bolts (for front hanger)
2- 9/16" x 18 nylocks (for front hanger bolts)
2- 9/16" ID x 18mm OD sleeves (to sleeve front hanger bolts to 18mm)