Toyota Solid Axle Swap Kit Stage 2

Toyota front leaf hanger kit

29" spring center.
Kit includes Hanger, Hardware, frame tubes, grease-able boomerang shackles, frame tube jigs and all bushings and sleeves.

Hardware includes:
4- Boomerang shackle plates (Long side up, bend goes to the rear)
2- Frame Tube Jigs (goes between body frame mount, slide all the way forward and mark)
4- 18mm x 150 grease-able bolts (for boomerang shackles)
4- 18mm nylocks (for shackle bolts)
4- UHMW Spacers (goes inside shackles and sandwiches spring)
2- 9/16" x 18 x 5" bolts (for front hanger)
2- 9/16" x 18 nylocks (for front hanger bolts)
2- 9/16" ID x 18mm OD sleeves (to sleeve front hanger bolts to 18mm)

Options are an extra 2 inch drop front hanger, in kit form or by itself.

U-Bolt Flip

A U-bolt flip kit removes the stock square U-bolts and lower plates, replacing them with round U-bolts and new plates that mount on the top of your springs, adding at least 1.250 inch's of clearance under your axles. We use 9/16ths grade 8 U-bolts front and rear. The spring plates are constructed of 1/4 inch steel, not thinner stamped and slotted 3/16ths as some competitors shops sell.

Why buy a Sky's Flip Kit?

The main reason we started assembling our own flip kits was that we had trouble installing other kits. The problem, many didn't take into account that the differential side of the front axle required a larger U- bolt on the inside. We decided our kit needed to fit with a larger U-bolt, and we used grade 8 USA made 9/16ths U-bolts without any problems. We also had interference problems with moving the axle forward, and hitting the tie rod with the ear of the spring plate. We have our plates shortened slightly, and bent at a 90* angle. Those 2 modifications solved the steering interference problem.

Note that some 84-85 axles require sanding the factory axle weld seam to fit the u bolts over the axle tube.

Sky's u-bolt flips are not universal, we have rear kits, and front kits for either the 85-84 or 79-83 axle. Please spec which you are needing when ordering.
Crossover steering is required for front axle application.

Manufactured in Oregon, from USA steel, by American Employees!