Toyota Dual Transfer Case Skid Plate Crossmember

Sky's Toyota Dual Case Skid Plate Crossmember is back by demand!

We are excited to offer the baddest Toyota Skid plate available. Our latest revision is the evolution of 20 years of four wheeling

Fits 84-95 4 cyl Hilux Mini Trucks and 4 Runners with manual trans and dual transfer cases or single if you remove the drive shaft hoop and you don't mind a little extra overhang.

Constructed of laser cut and CNC formed .375 (3/8ths) plate steel. All mounts are .375 (3/8ths) and bolts are 1/2 inch.

We include t-case mounting hardware, 8 6 point metric bolts, which are recessed into the skid plate. This is the new "No Drag" system we have designed into the plate. Nothing hangs below the actual skid plate.We have also incorporated steel welded spacers for keeping the t case alignment bolt out of harms way. Kit is designed to use factory style rubber or our HD mounts

Sky's Toyota Skid T case mount is adjustable for drive train lift at any time, as it is a 3 piece design. Simply unbolt the outer plates and space as needed. These spacers are simply DOM tube cut to length. It is versatile and can be made to fit other applications with minor modification.

Outer frame mount plates attach to the skid plate body with 6 1/2 inch bolts, nylocks, and flat washers.

T case skid plate will fit 79-83 First Gen Toyota trucks if side plates are welded on to frame.

Flat belly-How To.
The way I do it is weld the plates that normally bolt to the bottom of the frame, to the top, this should give you a full flat belly with nothing hanging off the bottom of the frame. Being as our skid plate is 3 parts ( middle, two sides, this is possible, where as other skid plates are not.

Note: Skid plate is not flat, the pictures are slightly hard to tell.


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