92-97 Complete 05+ Coil Spring Swap Kit

    Orders placed Dec 1st on will not ship until mid January! Material shortages have caused delays in manufacturing.


    Over one year in prototyping, research and design went into developing this kit. Our kit addresses the many shortfalls with other kits on the market.
    Laser cut for quality, CNC formed and welded to perfection. Brackets are 1/4" A-36 PnO steel. This is a superior strength and clean material to run of the mill aftermarket products.


      -Truck: 92-97 Ford F250/350

      -Axle: 05-16 Ford F-250/350 Dana 60


    • R/L Stock Height Coil Buckets
    • R/L Radius Arm Frame Brackets
    • R/L Swaybar Brackets
    • Panhard Bracket
    • Machined Pitman Arm (choice of flat or drop)
    • Hardware

    • Additional Information:

      Donor axles needed for the swap. 05-16 front Dana 60 from F-250/F-350. Axle, radius arms, trac bar, coils, sway bar with links, steering from pit man down. 8x170 bolt pattern. 05-10 F-450 axle 10 lug can be used but will require rear 10 lug DRW axle.

      Rear axle can be 99-16. The 05-16 axle is preferred for larger brakes. The 08-16 axle with leaf springs is best if using the Ford-RSDSW leaf spring swap kit. 2wd conversions should acquire the factory rear block from the 4wd. For stock height leveled setup our 4" RSDSW can be used to eliminate the block for a net zero lift.

      Kit is designed as a 1-2" lift over a factory F-250 2"/F-350 1" using a 4400 lb spring rate coil. This spring is a ADD code. This is also dependent on your trucks wheel base configuration, a std cab does not weigh the same as a crew cab long bed.

      The following is other various spring rates.   -5310-AHD = 6000 -5310-AGD = 5600 -5310-AFD = 5200 -5310-AED = 4800 -5310-ADD = 4400 -5310-ACD = 4000

      This kit can be used with Super Duty lift components. The coil buckets add about 1.5-2" of lift over whatever spring you use.

      If you have an unknown front axle, the sway bar links will be the best way to determine what you have. They are as follows:

      05-07  bushing on bottom, stud top

      08-10  bushing top and bottom

      11-16   stud top and bottom

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