Toyota 5" Rear Leaf Springs

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No other Toyota spring on the market that has more King of the Hammers podium finishes. 

Now 1" taller with more capacity!

These springs boast a 1st, (2) 2nd, and 3rd place finish in The Ultra4 4600 Class against 4-links and V8 power.  We have continually tweaked these to perfection through rigorous miles of trail and desert racing.

Not all springs are created equal! Have you ever had your springs sag after one run?  You need superior quality USA Spring Steel!

Ever had a broken main leaf?  Our springs are re-tempered after the eyes are rolled to ensure a long lasting main leaf.

We are able to yield 5" of lift with our toyota leaf spring hanger kit and the 4" shackle.

These springs pair well with our 3F front leaf springs


Torque wrap, bolt contained spring clamps (not the crush style fold over clamps such as many less expensive over-seas made springs); this allows up to 3 inch's of extra travel and eliminates weak points in the springs.

Each leaf is tapered and dog eared, allowing smoother ride quality. We also use high quality spring isolate pads to allow squeak free movement of the springs.

60 mm wide spring steel (matches factory Toyota). 

Springs include polyurethane bushings, not hard plastic like others.

American made spring steel insures higher quality, longer life, and more precise lift and fit.

Eye to eye length on the curve of the spring: 57.5"

Eye to eye straight across not along the curve:  53.5"

Unloaded arch height: 11.5"

Distance of center pin from both the front and rear of the spring: 26.5" & 30.5"

Spring thickness at center pin:  2.5"

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andrew “Big Dog” G.
Unimaginably bangin’

I didn’t know quite what to expect with these springs. None of my friends run ‘em on their trucks nor have i encountered anyone with ‘em in the wild. I took a chance and well worth it. Once we got all the plastic wrap off the quality was undeniable. I opted to install new skys spring and shackle mounts as well. Definitely raised the rear of my 87 SAS Pickup about 6 inches with 5” shackles over the shot and completely flat Ford 57s I had on there. They flex well and ride very well. I don’t recall a spring that rode quite as well. Super comfortable and can’t wait get my 3Fs ordered and installed. Additionally, can’t wait to hit some trails with these.

2nd gen 4Runner be prepared

These springs are amazing, worth the money, have the right amount of flex vs traction vs street ability. If however you pair them with sky’s front springs; which I would say are the best you can put on a 2nd gen 4runner for rock crawling without having to cut your body, you will need to either put a 3” heavy wall square tube spacer between your shackle hanger or add a 1-1/2”-2” spring block on your axle to sit level. These springs are amazing but the rears are not quite set up for the weight of a 2nd gen 4Runner. I will continue to recommend these springs to friends as they are significantly better than 63’s just let it be known you will be extremely low in the rear without some kind of supplement. Open to suggestions.

Thank you for the review, this is accurate. These were designed for racing a pickup in KOH. 4Runners are heavier in the rear. With a 1st gen it sits about an inch low with the top on. 2nd Gen are even heavier.

Jacob abbott
Not painted

The springs look awesome and we'll constructed but they have zero paint on them and they have this ugly coating of this brown stuff.

We don't paint our springs. Paint hides imperfections. The springs have been developed for racing. Specifically for Ultra 4. Like many race teams raw steel frame, links, steering, suspension is how it's done. Paint hides metal fatigue, cracks etc. Cheap springs typically have thick paint to cover up the low quality material used.
Our springs do come coated with an industry standard cosmoline anti-corrosion coating. The majority of our parts are bare metal. If you feel the need to further coat the springs, pick the color of your choice and have at it.

Pretty cool springs

These springs do pair well with the 3f springs. These yielded about 4" of lift for my truck with the 4" shackles. I moved my axle .5" aft so I can run 37s eventually, and this seemed to preserve a pretty good pinion angle. Now I'm not into leveling kits like everyone else because the back sits low when I add camping gear or use my truck as... and here me out here... a truck. #gasp I swapped over to the 5" shackles, and that helped. But I decided to also add a 1in 2° block lift. I like the way this sits now (replaced my tailgate with a 3 burner camp cheff with a 2burner griddle). That said, I'm pushing the limits of what my reg. cab, short bed, single-case drive-line can handle. Starting to vibrate back there...

Shocks... oh... shocks. I decided to stick with OEM configuration (fore and aft), but I made new frame mounts as high and far away as they could go. Using the weld on, axle tabs (low but not below the axle), I was able to fit 14" Rancho 9000s. This worked with the 4" shackles. Now I thought the OEM configuration would help with body roll, but that's not really true. Dynamically, one generally prefers the rear axle to be softer in roll than the front. I realize now, this is why Toyota put a front sway bar on these trucks. The inward angled shocks /\ would probably make a better ride, and I don't think these springs will ever out flex a 10"-12" shock.

This is a super nice product. Suspension is waaaay more comfortable and flexy than stock.

Thanks for the awesome review, Royal! We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us — and we agree, you can't beat that comfortable ride.