Toyota 5" Rear Leaf Springs

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No other Toyota spring on the market that has more King of the Hammers podium finishes. 

Now 1" taller with more capacity!

These springs boast a 1st, (2) 2nd, and 3rd place finish in The Ultra4 4600 Class against 4-links and V8 power.  We have continually tweaked these to perfection through rigorous miles of trail and desert racing.

Not all springs are created equal! Have you ever had your springs sag after one run?  You need superior quality USA Spring Steel!

Ever had a broken main leaf?  Our springs are re-tempered after the eyes are rolled to ensure a long lasting main leaf.

We are able to yield 5" of lift with our toyota leaf spring hanger kit and the 4" shackle.

These springs pair well with our 3F front leaf springs


Torque wrap, bolt contained spring clamps (not the crush style fold over clamps such as many less expensive over-seas made springs); this allows up to 3 inch's of extra travel and eliminates weak points in the springs.

Each leaf is tapered and dog eared, allowing smoother ride quality. We also use high quality spring isolate pads to allow squeak free movement of the springs.

60 mm wide spring steel (matches factory Toyota). 

Springs include polyurethane bushings, not hard plastic like others.

American made spring steel insures higher quality, longer life, and more precise lift and fit.

Eye to eye length on the curve of the spring: 57.5"

Eye to eye straight across not along the curve:  53.5"

Unloaded arch height: 11.5"

Distance of center pin from both the front and rear of the spring: 26.5" & 30.5"

Spring thickness at center pin:  2.5"

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