Toyota Front 3F Leaf Springs


Material prices and lack of Domestic grade spring steel have caused undetermined quantities and lead times as well as price increases! 

There is no other Toyota spring on the market that has more King of the Hammers podium finishes

These springs boast a 1st, (2) 2nd, and 3rd place finish in The Ultra4 4600 Class against 4-links and V8 power.  We have continually tweaked these to perfection through rigorous miles of trail and desert racing since 2004!

Springs are not all created equal! Have you ever had your springs sag after one run?  You need superior quality USA Spring Steel!

Ever had a broken main leaf?  Our shop re-tempers the spring steel once the eyes are rolled to ensure a long lasting main leaf.

3F Spring:   This is a more unique spring than any production company normally carries, What we like to call the Crawler Spring! This is our 3F 2.5" lift spring. Designed after the popular rear up front ( RUF conversion ).  These springs offer little lift, move the axle forward considerably, and are longer than other production front long travel Toyota leaf springs. These springs will lift your truck 2.5 inch from stock, are 1 inch longer towards the rear than our standard springs, and have the spring pin moved 3 inch's forward of stock.

Hugely popular with low-lift vehicles tucking large tires and needing more firewall clearance from rubbing.

Springs are designed for a 44.5" mounting length. This is the front hanger eye to the upper shackle pivot dimension.

These springs pair well with our 4" Toyota rear springs

For best results, set these springs up to negative invert no further than 2".


Full military wrap, bolt contained spring clamps (not the crush style fold over clamps such as many less expensive over-seas made springs); this allows up to 3 inch's of extra travel and eliminates weak points in the springs.

Each leaf is tapered and dog eared, allowing smoother ride quality. We also use high quality spring isolate pads to allow squeak free movement of the springs.

60 mm wide spring steel (matches factory Toyota). 

Springs include polyurethane bushings, not hard plastic like others.

Springs are sold in pairs left and right.

Made in the USA with USA Spring Steel

Springs are made left and right with slightly more arch on the driver side, just like Toyota did factory. This eliminates bandage fixes such as "shim" plates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great springs

Great spring very high quality but sits way to high got a sky’s full width hanger on a 93 yota with a Dana 60 and it was about 3-4 inches higher than the rear 63 swap with the missing link shackle. With that being said all of sky’s products are all high quality and worth the price keep up the quality guys.

Ryan Meece
best leaf springs ive ever had

just got these in last week and installed them. i cannot say enough good things about these springs. they are a nice low lift comfy spring that will not jar your fillings out of your head. my Toyota has more road control now, they are quiet and for leaf springs id say these are the most cushy-ist ride I've ever had. these corrected all my issues. i had the infamous driver side lean, the 3F's corrected that. under full compression, my tire was getting into the back of the fender, no longer and they also corrected my shackle angle as these are a little longer and flatter than my other springs. highly recommend!! thank you

Oooo it's soo soft and comfy

Ok, so these yield about a 4inch lift (23" frame height with ≈34.5" new KM3 tires). Maybe they will settle, but I'm not sure yet. They may only be a 2.5in lift spring, but the .75in drop hanger is pretty critical to keep the springs off your pitman arm, and the banana shackles are required unless you want to move your shackle mount so it ends up being more like 4 inches. The geometry is way different from stock, so all I can say is the entire system as a whole works well.

I thought people on forums were spewing smoke about good leaf springs being comfortable, but these ride excellently. I can't believe how comfortable they are, they really soak up the bumps compared to the OEM and re-arched 3in pro-comps I was running before. Very squishy. The body roll isn't too bad with OEM rear springs, but I will probably want a sway bar after re-doing the rear.

I tried drive line spacers to get my OEM drive shaft to work (1.5" front, 1" rear), but it still separated over bumps and articulation. I ordered a 28.5in long spline from Marlin, so hopefully that works. Also shocks are a problem. I thought I could get away with my 2" shocks for a little while, but they didn't quite reach even at rest. Some 4" oem stile might work, but would likely get over extended and compressed. Plan on doing shock towers at the same time so you don't have to drive around with no front shocks like me :D

Mike Rosio
Badass Springs

These springs are awesome quality and give the perfect amount of lift to my 84 pick with a front Dana 60. I went with the 2F springs so I could move my axle away from the firewall. Highly recommend A+