80-96 Ford F-150/Bronco 4x4 SAS Kit

  • DIY Leaf Spring Solid axle conversion for the 80-96 era Ford F-150 and Bronco coil sprung TTB (Twin Traction Beam) 4x4 trucks.
  • Kit is weld on, requires knowledge of suspension design and fabrication/welding skills.
  • Now available in both 2" and 4". (Based off a stock height F-350 4x4) Depending on springs used, with a Dana 60 (or 99-04 Dana 50) this should be approximately 4 or 6" lift over a stock F-150/Bronco using stock gasser Ford springs.

- Truck: 80-96 F150/Bronco
- Springs: 85-97 52" F-350 Front Springs or 99-04 56" Front F-250/350 Springs
- Axle: 85-97 Ford F-350 Dana 60 36.5" Spring Pin Center    
            99-04 Super Duty Dana 50/60 37.5" Spring Pin Center

Additional Info:
  • Can use a Dana 44 F-250 axle with spring pads moved to correct width and converted to 5 lug f-150 outer components to keep the factory rear axle.

  • Bronco / F-150 will sit approximately 4" over stock height on stock OBS springs, may be taller on SD springs.

  • Part numbers and specs for Superduty Springs can be found HERE

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    1981 F150 4" OBS

    Excellent kit, I paired mine with the double upper shock mount as well.
    I would certainly recommend this company.
    My kit installed with zero issues, takes a couple hours to mock up and and drill out. Took the welder an hour or so to burn it on.
    Very pleased.
    I will also say that customer service is very good. Asked a question and received a response the next day. Shipping was fast and packaging was top notch.
    I would certainly do business here again.

    I added a few pics of after welding. Still needs to be cleaned up and painted. Looks pretty sweet though!!!

    Jaime Guerrero
    Solid Kit

    I bought this kit in October '18 and thought everything was very well made. The quality of the pieces are second to none. Important since you're sticking these under your truck to be riding around on at highway speeds. Here's a very quick rundown on how I did my 95 Bronco:

    1) Reinforced frame - since they updated the frames with a crumple zone (90s?), I plated mine with .25" plating.
    2) Found center-line of stock suspension in the wheel well and removed ttb system.
    3) Mocked up the new axle and hangers (I moved my center-line forward an inch or so), marked where the hangers should all be on the frame
    4) Made sure the front bracket was square to the rest of the frame, tacked it in
    5) Measured for the rear hangers/shackles with SD leafs, made sure they were square to the front, tacked them in.
    6) Test fitted everything and made sure it was straight.
    7) Welded everything in fully.
    8) Everything else is bolt in from there.

    I used a skyjacker drop pitman arm and my steering angle was pretty decent. The description here says 4" over stock, but mine sits closer to 10. I fit 38x13.5s with zero issue. Turning radius is decreased because of the leaf springs. It really doesn't get much easier than this. I used their dual shock tower mount/spring plate as well. I'm running 99 super duty axles and springs. This thing rides, drives, and handles better than stock now.


    Solid work Jaime! We love how you explained this. It looks great on your ride. Thank you for taking the time to help explain what steps you can take.


    I’m genuinely disappointed in this kit.

    -The shackles and rear hangers are sufficient but substandard... Cold welds. The rear hangers are usable as is, the shackles are not. I don’t think the welds will hold without twisting apart then causing damage... I will be grinding out the welds with a die grinder and re-welding.

    -The front hanger is mega lame. I will not be using it. I’m pulling the measurements off of it, and remaking one from scratch. It’s thin, with poor welds and flimsy. Due to the accordion frame that the broncos and 150 have frame flexing should be a serious concern. While frame twist is something that is inevitable, the accordion frames make it a greater concern than other vehicles. This front hanger creates a fail point. The other issue with the front hanger, and the one that made me decide not to use it, is the way the fish plates are plastered to the side. The fish plates are not fully welded around and have open lettering. Between the hanger and fish plate will forever remain unpainted unless you personally finish the stitch welds around and also fill in the lettering with weld the hanger will always bleed rust. The same issue is present in the rear hanger with a circle cut out, but is less of a concern and easily welded around.

    I‘m a professional fabricator, and I FULLY understand every factor that went into the design (AND PRODUCTION).

    To sum it all up...
    - Too weak for serious off road use
    - Too ugly for a clean build or a show truck

    It's amazing how this kit has worked out great for hundreds of other people. Maybe you should go into business making your own parts Mr professional fabricator.

    Holy Beef!

    So I’m FINALLY doing a SAS on the 95 bronco. Swapping in 02 super duty axles and running leafs. Fast shipping, AMAZING product but definitely needs instructions. It’s not 4 starts because of lack of instructions, but I’d like to see some rough idea what goes where. I issued this kit because my welding is.... suspect. Luckily I have friends who can weld.

    Great looking product. I’ll do a full write up on install soon as I can.

    We fully agree with you. We need to update instructions and have it more accessible for installation guidance. Keep an eye out. We are working hard to get this done.
    Thanks for your business Johnny!

    Dewey Redman

    The product looks to be well made but WTF. There are NO INSTRUCTIONS and nothing is labeled to indicate orientation. The installation instructions on the web site are a joke. They look to be written by a high school student trying to turn in a report with the absolute minimum amount of words. There are no diagrams with dimensions or reference points. The photos show are worthless, there are so few or them and they are taken so close, you can't get any perspective or orientation. This is the suspension of a motor vehicle that will often be traveling on the road at highway speeds. So yes, all of that stuff is kind of important. Keep this in mind before you purchase.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it does look like we need to update our photos and installation instructions. Updates to instructions and pictures coming soon!