92-97 F-250/350 2" OBS Spring FSR COMPLETE Kit

    -Provides much better ride than stock by moving shackle to rear of spring.
    Eliminates the weak front shackle design.
    -2" will level a factory F-350

    This kit includes everything you will need to complete the 2" front shackle reversal on a 92-97 F350 4x4 including longer shocks, an adjustable panhard (track) bar and sway bar end link extensions


    - Front Shackle Reversal Kit FORD-FSR-002i-Raw

    - Adjustable Panhard Bar FORD-APB-001-Bushing-Raw

    - (2)  Bilstein 10" Shocks SHOCKS-BIL6248

    - Sway Bar End Link Extensions FORD-SBE-3

    Please review the instructions under the installation section for all kits listed in this section.


      -Truck: 92-97 Ford F-350 with 85-97 Dana 60
      92-97 Ford F-250 with 85-97 Dana 60 already swapped in (additional parts needed for axle swap)
      -Spring: 80-97 52" Stock F-350 Leaf Springs

          Additional Information:

          Check out Diesel World's Project Obsessed running Sky's FSR (RSK) Kit



          The intercooler specific kit simply has the cross bar lower to accommodate an intercooler. Otherwise the non intercooled version tucks it up behind the bumper for a cleaner look. If you have a diesel we recommend doing the intercooled version even if you don't have an intercooler just the option is always there.


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