92-97 F-250/350 Shackle Reversal Kits (OBS Spring)

    -Provides much better ride than stock by moving shackle to rear of spring.
    Eliminates the weak front shackle design.
    -2" will level a factory F-350

    Please review the instructions under the installation section for all kits listed in this section. For other parts needed, please review the additional information section.


        -Truck: 92-97 Ford F-350 w/ 85-97 Dana 60
        92-97 Ford F-250 with TTB drop bracket such as Tuff Country part # 20852 for 2" Shackle Reversal
        -Spring: 80-97 52"  F350/F250 Leaf Springs

            Additional Information:

            Check out Diesel World's Project Obsessed running Sky's FSR (RSK) Kit

            FSRSD INSTALL


            The intercooler specific kit simply has the cross bar lower to accommodate an intercooler. Otherwise the non intercooled version tucks it up behind the bumper for a cleaner look. If you have a diesel we recommend doing the intercooled version even if you don't have an intercooler just the option is always there.


            Recommended Parts to Accompany Your Shackle Reversal

            The following parts list are intended for those needing help with finding the right parts to accompany their shackle reversal.  These parts lists are intended for Stock F350 85-97 52” (2 leaf) factory springs that are not clapped out with sagged bushings.  The kit possibilities are endless when you start coupling a leveling or lift spring to a shackle reversal, we wrote these lists below as a guideline.

            If you have specific questions and want an emailed recommended list to suit your specific needs please email us at:   


            2” Shackle Reversal:

            92-97 F-350 - 85-97 Dana 60 -  Leveling Purposes – Stock 85-97 F-350 Front Springs:

            • 10” Bilstein Shocks (You will need longer shocks for the front, same size if you want to purchase new shocks for the rear as well)
            • Adjustable Panhard Bar (keeps axle centered under truck, factory bar is not adjustable and bushings are usually worn out which can create loose steering feeling or death wobble)


            92-97 TTB F-250 – Leveling Purposes – Stock 85-97 F-250 Front Springs


            92-97 2wd-4wd Swap - 85-97 Dana 60 – Stock 85-97 F-350 Front Springs


            3” Shackle Reversal:

            92-97 F-350 - 85-97 Dana 60 – Stock 85-97 F-350 Front Springs:


            92-97 TTB F-250 – Stock 85-97 F-250 Front Springs



            92-97 2wd-4wd Swap - 85-97 Dana 60 – Stock 85-97 F-350 Front Springs


            Customer Reviews

            Based on 6 reviews Write a review

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 8 reviews
            Shackle Reversal Kit

            Fits well and works well.


            Is there any chance I could be told what size tires I could run with the 5in lift amount

            This is not a review, it is a question. This is not the place for questions. Email orders@skysoffroaddesign.com with questions.

            Outstanding quality

            Everything in this kit is excellent quality, from the hardware all the way to the bracket itself. Using this on a little different application than intended for though. Converting my '88 F250 diesel from 2wd TTB to 4x4 Dana 60 has been much easier with this kit than any other method I've researched. Only 2 very small modifications needed to fit the 80-91 style frame horns. Shipping did take 2 weeks but with Covid i cant blame them much there.

            10/10 would recommend.


            Thanks for the Review. COVID defiantly put a strain on supply. Working hard to make sure we can get back to our normal shipping lead time.

            Carter Matt
            Good lift, easy install!

            I put the kit on a 1993 F3 50 with four-wheel-drive and a 460. Overall it’s a well put together kit with easy to follow instructions and includes all of the hardware you will need. My only regret is not ordering bushings and replacing the ones on the shackles while I had it apart. After I had it on I had to lengthen my pan hard bar 3/4”. I had to lengthen the front sway bar links as well because they were rubbing on the leaf-spring. When all was said and done, after measuring before and after, my truck sat 2-3/4” higher in the front. I loved the kit and I just ordered another one for my 96 f350 with a 7.3.

            Stocked to hear our instructions were easy to follow. We're putting some extra work into our write ups. Thank you for your review!

            Bailey Alvarado

            I order this kit and it bolted right up with no problems. They shipped it to me in 4 days! Even with COVID going on I love the service sky gave me highly recommend

            This year we are focused on better Customer Service. It has always been a challenge due to us being a small business and finding enough help. My team will be excited to hear their hard work is paying off. Thank you for your business!