96-02 4Runner Rear Shock Relocation Kit

The 3rd Gen 4Runner stock rear shock location just plain sucks. In the rust belt the upper rusts out, there isn't enough room to get a decent shock in there and if you start lifting it and improving the travel you quickly find it need to be relocated.

With wheel spacers and offset wheels there is plenty of room to outboard the shocks.

So we created a completely new upper and lower rear shock mount to relocate the shocks and accomodate longer shocks to take advantage of our trailing arms and panhard bar in the back of our 2000 4Runner. Now with our relocated bump stops the axle pivots on the bump stop and pushes the other side down giving us much better articulation. The upper mount is height adjustable and wide enough to fit a serious shock.

Made of 3/16" HRPO steel this kit come in raw steel ready to weld on.