12.5 & Up Ford Superduty Reid Knuckle and Steering Arm

Skys is the only company on the market to offer a complete passenger-driver double shear kit for these Reid knuckles.

We have taken the Reid knuckle and built an arm with as many possible options as can be.

  • We use all the 5 stud points on the knuckle.
  • Passenger side arms come pre drilled for double shear option and a tapered drag link position for traditional link style steering, GM 1 ton TRE taper.
  • Driver side arm come drilled for double shear only.

Arms are 2" tall, CNC machined from ASTM 572 material.

Ball joint center line to drag link eye is 6.375. To the Tie rod/double shear is 6.875


Product Description for the knuckle

Reid Racing's high-steer Ford SuperDuty (2012.5-2020 F250 & F350) steering knuckle is designed as a heavy-duty stock-replacement passenger-side knuckle that provides additional options for installing aftermarket steering linkage.  The primary improvements over the OEM knuckle include a flat-top pad for a bolt-on steering arm, dual steering stops, and increased overall strength.  The additional steering options allow this axle to be more easily installed into other vehicles while ensuring proper steering geometry.

  • Uses OEM 2012½ and up SuperDuty ball joints, unit bearing, caliper, rotor, lockout hub, stub shaft, and U-joint. Ford changed the brakes on 2012½ so earlier Super Duty axles must use Reid Racing D60002F Knuckles.
  • Flat-top pad measures 4.5 inches higher than the cast-in steering arm's top surface, and aftermarket steering arms of various heights can accommodate a wide range of suspension lifts.
  • Easy bolt-on installation with no machining required.
  • Antilock Brakes, Traction Control, Vacuum Hubs, and Electronic Stability Control systems are retained.
  • Cast from high-strength ductile iron and beefed up with extra material and ribbing.
  • Powdercoated orange for long-lasting corrosion resistance.
  • Does not fit "Super 60" 10-lug axles (F450 & F550).
  • Cast-in steering arm is tapered from the top and bottom so the OEM steering linkage may be re-installed.