78-97 Ford Truck/Bronco Stock Replacement HD Rear Shackles

$ 119.00

Part Number: Ford-HDRS-Stock
What it is: A heavy duty stock replacement rear shackle for Ford 4X4 trucks and Broncos.

What it does: Replaces the stock rear shackle with a heavy duty replacement that adds no lift.

What it Fits: Sky's Ford RFK-001 and Ford-RFk-004 and stock hangers.

What you need: A 1978-1997 Ford Truck or Bronco equipped with Sky's flip kit or stock hanger.

Sold as a pair.

1/4 inch laser cut plate.Tig and Mig welded.

9/16ths eye and spring mount.

Formed design allows fitment of stock and aftermarket springs, as well as fitting our hanger kit.

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