80-97 Ford Front Suspension Shackle Hanger Kits

$ 159.00

Part Number: FORD-FSSH-001-Raw

These are a manufactured metal product that mimics the stamped Ford parts.

These brackets are a direct replacement for the Ford Factory Bracket in a 4x4 or will save you fabrication time when solid axle swapping a 2wd truck to hang your shackles for a front shackle reversal with any of our shackle reversals..

OEM Style brackets have a 9/16" hole in the stock location and another 1" forward.

Lo-Pro's have a hole 1" forward and 1" Up of factory.

This provides a better angle of the shackle when used in a shackle reversal system, helping release tension on the spring, increasing ride quality even more than just the standard shackle reversal currently gains. Basically it adds to the angle of the shackle instead of a near vertical position. This kit will also help those who have aftermarket springs that are slightly shorter than the factory spring gain a decent shackle angle.

Bolt on application, replaces the factory hanger by removing the rivets, prying the factory hanger from the frame, then align the holes in the new hanger with the frame, die grind frame holes if needed to make perfect. Good old Ford, they are not all the same exact position on every vehicle. Bolt on new hanger with supplied hardware, or weld if so desired.

Mig welded, laser cut, c.n.c formed Pickled and Oiled plate steel, 1/4 and 3/16ths construction. Twice as strong as the factory stamped parts!

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