80-97 Ford Front Suspension Shackle Hanger Kits

-Rear hanger for the front spring.

-Much stronger than the factory part.

-OEM Style is a direct replacement for the Ford factory bracket and 3-5" reversal shackles.

-Lo-Pro Style is designed to work with our 2" Shackle Reversal shackles only!

-Designed with forward mounting holes to help shackle angle with lift springs.

-Brackets are fixture welded at the correct offset to compensate for the factory frame angle. 1/4" laser cut PnO steel.

Sold as a pair


-Truck: 80-97 4wd Ford F250/350

Additional Information:

OEM Style brackets have a 9/16" hole in the stock location and another 1" forward. This replaces Ford-EOTZ-5340-A and -B.

Lo-Pro's have a hole 1" forward and 1" Up of factory, only to be used with our 2" shackles.

This provides a better angle of the shackle when used in a shackle reversal system helping release tension on the spring increasing ride quality even more than just the standard shackle reversal currently gains. Basically it adds to the angle of the shackle instead of a near vertical position. This kit will also help those who have aftermarket springs that are slightly shorter than the factory spring gain a decent shackle angle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Perfect fit and is the only place I could find these. Incredibly strong and a lot beefier than the stock ones. Even the mechanic commented how nice they were! Thanks SORD!

Our main goal is to make these better than stock. Thanks for your review Ayden!!

Great Product!!

These guys have found a great niche in the market. Almost NO ONE sells these rear of front brackets. I bought these for a replacement and was pleasantly surprised by how well they are made. Solid fabrication, clean powder coating (optional), all hardware included, and superb packaging to ensure a flawless product upon arrival to the customer . The hardware is all Grade 8 fine thread bolts, washers, and nylon lock nuts. These hangars are STOUT! Looking forward to doing more business with SORD in the future.