80-97 F-250/350 08-16' SD Rear Spring Swap

  • Provides much better ride than stock by adapting the newer 8" longer rear Superduty leaf springs.
  • More robust brackets than factory
  • Can eliminate factory block
  • Locates off of factory holes, no measuring required.
  • Retains factory E-brake
  • 2.5" lift with 43-1849 11-16' F250SD 2WD/4WD Rear Springs
  • Truck: 80-97 Ford F250/350 and 92-18 E350 or 80-96 Bronco/F-150 (requires additional drilling)
  • Springs: 08-16 Super Duty Rear Leaf Spring
  • 2" or 4" rear Shackle Flip
  • Conversion Boomerang Shackle
  • Front Spring Hanger
  • E-brake Bracket
  • Hardware Pack
  • (The kit includes our 2" or 4" rear flip brackets, The front hanger is the same for both. If you're upgrading from an RFK you will just the front hanger and the Shackle)

Additional Information:

Spring Choice: We used the 43-1849 two leaf 2011-16 F250 springs in developing this kit. They are the softest rear spring you can get. If you are towing or hauling you will either want to add air bags to these, or run a stiffer spring.

The 43-1705 spring is the three leaf pack used in 2008-16 F250 / F350 SRW / DRW trucks. Very common. It's a 3600 lb. spring which is equivalent to stock OBS F350 rear springs. It also sits about 1.5-2" taller than the spring this kit was measured with. Lift springs seem to be measured off of these springs not the 2 leaf. 

Part numbers and specs for Super Duty Springs can be found HERE

The kit includes our 2" or 4" rear flip brackets, The front hanger is the same for both.

    You need the whole kit to complete the swap and keep the correct suspension geometry.  We only made the front hanger only an option for those that already have the 2" or 4" shackle flip and/or boomerang shackle.

E-brake bracket is intended to be bolted or welded on to match your specific application, We have found there is enough variance in location from one chassis to another that it doesn't allow us to place the bracket for you.  Hangers have 2 pilot holes in case you want to drill larger holes and run bolts in a location you choose.  Powder coated kits will require drilling and tapping to locate e-brake bracket.

If you have a standard cab truck you will have to slide the front tank over to be able to get behind the frame to drill the necessary holes and install bracket.  We installed this kit on a single cab truck, it is possible without removing fluid lines off of the inside of the frame.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
1997 F250 CCSB Axle swap

The swap is very straight forward, I would recommend an air hammer with a chisel attachment and a reamer bit. Both make quick work of the rivets and making the holes bigger, then finish it off with the correct sized drill bit. I originally made the mistake of not buying OEM leaf springs which was detrimental to my truck, it sat way lower than it should have. I recommend OEM 2/1 F250 leafs, they ride super smooth!

Ian Babcock
97 f-250

This kit is awesome. Everything was very heavy duty, seems over engineered and probably stronger than the frame. Installation was easy. I used 3 leaf superduty springs and 2” blocks. I pulled the tanks because with my luck I would end up drilling out the frame and puncturing the tanks, I don’t think you need to do that.

Great kit

Installed this 2” kit on my 86 f350 crew cab 4x4.
Everything lined up perfectly. I already had your 2”front reverse shackle kit and I still had to use my factory 4.5”Axle blocks to make it just over level.
Glad I didn’t throw them out because I had to make 6.5” ones with the old springs just to get it level.
Overall great kit but my application still used the axle blocks

Great Kit

The kit was pretty easy to install. The hardest part is the removal of the factory rivets but with a good set of drill bits, large chisel, a good punch and a large hammer they are simple to remove. I chose to use the 3 spring pack and the ride is noticeably better with the same spring ratings as my old style (new) OBS springs. There are no tricks to the kit but things that I needed as an addition were a set of u-bolts as with any spring replacement. Also, for a level stance with a 1994 F350 crew cab I used new 2 inch blocks rather than the 4 inch factory F350 blocks. The brackets look great with the powder coating as well. Had the kit installed in about 6hrs but plan on a weekend if you haven’t worked with suspension much.

Vincent Thomason
A breeze!

If you're looking to get some better ride from your truck and retain its capabilities, using this kit to convert to the longer 08+ superduty springs is the thing to get it done quickly! If you have a good method for removing factory frame rivets and all the tools handy you can easily complete this in a Saturday and still have time to take the loved one out for dinner that night!

We appreciate your review Vincent. We couldn't have said it better.