92-97 F-250/350 Shackle Reversal Kits (Superduty spring)

  • Provides much better ride than stock by moving shackle to rear of spring.
  • Eliminates the weak front shackle design.
  • Adapts Ford 99-04 Superduty Springs for the best riding leaf sprung combination these truck have to offer.


  • Truck: 92-97 Ford F-350
  • Springs: 99-04 SuperDuty 4x4 Front Leaf Springs
  • Axle: 85-97 Ford F-350 Dana 60 36.5" Spring Pin Center    
    99-04 Superduty Dana 50/60 37.5" Spring Pin Center

Additional Information:


Check out Diesel World's Project Obsessed running Sky's FSRSD (RSK) Kit



NOTE : Cheap, foreign aftermarket springs are not recommended. We have had issues with the military wrap leaf being way too large and contacting the hanger. This is not an issue with quality USA made springs.

  • Lift amounts rated for V-Code 43-814 Springs 2C3Z-5310-HA
  • X-Code 43-818 Springs will lift an extra 1.5"
  • Clearance for intercooler
  • If you need help deciding what other parts you may need to complete your swap please CLICK HERE
  • To get everything in one click, check out our COMPLETE KITS
  • Part numbers and specs for Super Duty Springs can be found online HERE

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jason Schoger
97 Powerstroke CCLB 4X RSK

I did the 2” RSK on my 97 7.3 CCLB 4x with the softer Excursion springs and Bilstein 5100’s back in April of 2021. Quality craftsmanship with good directions made the instal a straight forward weekend job in my driveway. This is my daily driver and 5th wheel RV tow rig. Ride is fantastic and smooth! Almost to smooth. I’ve considered adding the dual front shock set up out of curiosity but just haven’t because I really enjoy the way it is. Many miles of thanks to Sky for their RSK kit.


I started the ground up restoration on my 1994 CC and at first got the kit from “the other guys.” That kit required using a bottle jack and blocks of wood to spread the rails apart which I thought was odd for a truck that’s never been wrecked! Throughout the painting of the frame and restoration it was wearing on my conscious so I decided to purchase this kit from Sky’s to see how it fit. The answer is... It fit perfectly!! The front cross member fit like a glove (no bottle jacks required). The shackle hangars are great quality and so is the rest of the kit and it came with all the bolts required (no trips to the hardware store). Hands down this is the kit if you are looking for one. The hardest part is removing the rivets but with a good air chisel/hammer they pop right out.

TR Labrum
excellent work Skys!

truck is a 97 f350 cclb 4x4 with the diesel, i did the 4" reversal with the x code SD spring to replace a "not so well planned out" air bag setup installed by previous owner. was very nervous i went too big. My truck sits 1 inch higher than the rear which will set perfect with a rear shale flip.I ordered U bolt flip kit with shock mounts, and a new set of upper shock mounts, and the panhard drop. i will make a new bracket for panhard at axle due to cutting off factory mounts. Everything installed smooth, fit well and the quality of these parts is top notch. I've only taken it around the block being i don't have shocks yet, but it is a major improvement over the three link air ride. Great work guys! will be ordering more soon!

Sounds like your project is moving along. We love to hear this. Thank you for the review TR! We'll be here for your next steps.


Installed this on a 97 cclb 7.3. Literally felt like a whole new truck. Now I want to try this kit with the rear 08-16 SD springs to see how much better it is.

ride is better than expected

I just finished installing the front end shackle reversal kit with new Super duty springs and the rear reversal kit with traction bars. The ride is amazing compared to the stock set up. Even more important is the ride when pulling my 3 horse gooseneck trailer with living quarters. It went from feeling like someone hit the frame with a sledge hammer at every bump to feeling like a water bed. Great parts and great design. Only issue, if you have an aftermarket intercooler on your truck you have to remove it to install the new front spring hanger bolts, which means tearing the whole front end off. It is worth it in the end, feels like a brand new truck.