92-97 Ford 2wd to 4wd Front Frame Box Kit

$ 99.00

Part Number: Ford-4wdc-001

Pictured Vehicle:
Originally a 4WD converted dually 3" FSR w/ lift springs.

What it does:
This will adapt the front frame horn of your 92-97 2wd Ford F250/350 to mount the front hanger for our 4x4 Front Shackle Reversal Kits.

This kit Along with our Standard Front Suspension Shackle Hanger or LoPro Front Suspension Shackle Hanger (for 2" FSR) will allow you to hang ANY of our 92-92 Front Shackle Reversal Kits under your 2wd pickup for a SAS conversion. 

You need to collect as much as you can from the doner truck to aid in the swap (steering, panhard brackets and bars).  We also sell all of those items but it will make the swap cheaper if you don't want brand new quality parts.

Other Components We Offer:
This kit will require a Sky's Reversal and minor mods to the reversal including removing the spacers inside the hanger.
- Additional hardware required if you don't include a front shackle reversal in the same order. (We add longer bolts to the front hanger when we see the frame box kit and FSR purchased together)
- 2" front shackle reversal - 3" front shackle reversal - 5" front shackle reversal - 4" SD Spring Conversion - 4" SD Axle Spring Conversion

Drilling and welding of the frame is required to install this bracket. General fabrication and suspension knowledge while not 100% required will aid immensely in installation.

1. Drill a 5/8ths hole on outside of the frame using the supplied template lining up the frame slots for reference.
2. Insert 5/8ths bolt through frame and box plate. Plate will generally square itself, measure to verify.
3. Next tack weld in position, drill the remaining three 1/2" holes in the bracket through the frame.
4.  You now effectively have a 4wd frame horn in which to hang any of Sky's reversals.