Chevrolet/GM Corporate 14 bolt U-bolt Flip Kit

Corporate 14 bolt axle conversion kit.
Also can be used for replacing worn factory components.

Kit includes grade 8 5/8" U-bolts, 3/8" laser cut and cnc formed spring plates,
Fits 2.5 wide domestic springs, or 2.375" Toyota springs.

U bolts are designed for up to a 2.5 inch thick spring pack, or thinner pack with a small block lift. Saddle to end of leg height is 8.5 inch's.

Manufactured in the USA, with US steel, U bolts also a product of the USA made locally for Sky's Off Road Design.

You may also want to purchase a set of our lower shock mounts available separately.
Longer U-bolt option uses 12.5" long u-bolts.