89-UP Chevy PanHard Kit

Pan hard bars keep the axle from shifting side to side when turning or hitting bumps.

To eliminate bump steer ideally you want a panhard and drag link that are as horizontal and parallel as possible. This gets these bars working together on the same arc and really makes a lifted truck drive nice. Without a panhard your front axle and tires just become a several hundred pound swing set.

Kit welds on, is adjustable for fine tuning, and amount of lift. Kit uses 1/4" frame plates, which are matched positioned to our drop pitman arm in our crossover steering kit. Lower mount has 3 positions, and is welded to either Dana 60 or Dana 44 Ford/Chevy spring plates. Spring plate includes new U-bolts. Kit uses 7/8ths Heim joints with misalignment spacers to provide enough movement to cover any flexy suspension system. The upper hole in the lower mount can be used for shock mounts and can even be paired with our dual shock mount kits using our Hardware Kit (OBS and SD 60 only) or our Dual Shock Axle Mount for Dana 44 and 31.5" Dana 60

Sky's Bolt Torque Reference Sheet